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Married Men Who Lead Double Lives

In today’s complex world there are around seven different types of ways in which your husband can cheat on you. One of them is be leading a double life. This the most significant form of cheating. If your husband has a double life where another woman is involved, then he has been cheating through and through and you had no idea about it. This happens when your husband is having a proper meaningful and intimate relationship with someone else other than you. This can happen when your husband keeps a mistress in a separate apartment and pays for all her expenses. He is living a parallel secret life with someone else other than you.

Sometimes it may also happen that the other woman has no idea that you exist or that you are his wife. Maybe he is lying to you just as he is lying to the other woman. In this form of a relationship, there is continual emotional and physical infidelity and your husband may even love this other woman. In this situation, your husband is actually cheating with someone that can replace you and take your place in his life. A lot of gaslighting and manipulation is involved in this type of relationship.

Leading Double Life Affairs

Psychology of the Husband

The husband lives a proper married life and does all the duties that he is supposed to do as a husband. You may have normal day to day quarrels and ups and downs of normal married life. He rides through all of that and simultaneously goes to someone else to fulfill his physical and emotional needs.

Such people claim that they started another relationship because they were unhappy with their marriage and the mundane married life. For some reason, they believe that they cannot leave their spouses for the sake of the children, family obligations, or are not willing to pay alimony or child support. They think leading a double life is a better alternative that keeps everyone reasonably satisfied. Whatever their reason maybe they feel they cannot escape the married life and thus enjoy the double life.

Leading Double Life Affairs

Signs That Your Husband Has a Secret Life

  • You know it in your heart that something is wrong. Your instinct tells you that he is hiding something from you. There is subtle anxiety in your relationship. Most people who know something is going wrong in their relationship do not want to dig too deep fearing what they might find. Sometimes women like to be denial about sure signs that the husband is acting distant and strange.
  • He travels a lot for his job. For men who travel a lot, it is very easy for them to maintain a double life and even two separate families. That does not mean all people who have such jobs are cheating on their partners. It just means they have a higher chance and a better opportunity to do actually do that. According to a survey conducted by Millennial Black the men who lead a double life use travel as a cover most of the time. Notice if he contacts you in a particular time of the day and what happens when you break that routine. Does he always call your first because he will get ‘busy’ later? Call him suddenly when he is not expecting and see how he reacts.
  • He will not answer simple direct questions. He always takes a moment to think before he answers simple questions. He says sentences like – I don’t have to explain everything to you,’ or ‘Let’s not ruin the great time we are having now’. He may try to gaslight you into thinking that you are paranoid.

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