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Cheating Statistics in the State of Idaho

That men and women have always been having a continuous fascination for people of the opposite sex is a fact even expert psychologists agree. That is why romantic minded men and women are always ready to test the waters whenever they get opportunities and try to establish relationships with the women and men they like. Even married men and women do not hesitate to try their luck in such romantic pursuits, notwithstanding the fact that they will be cheating on their spouses by taking this step.

Of course, some of these folks show gentle defiance to the tradition but there are a few who are very aggressive in their pursuits as well. But regardless of all these things, the fact remains that a number of married men and women of today do not mind cheating on their spouses provided they get appropriate opportunities. 

In fact, some of these people are on the look-out for or they create opportunities for which they use their social media accounts suitably. Conversely put, social media sites have played a huge part in the proliferation of extra-marital affairs. Even if it is said that social media sites and the connections that are available on them have rewilded the romantic hormones in people, it may not be an exaggeration. 

Extra-marital affairs and cheating of spouses have become a universal phenomenon and the USA is no exception. A study says that about 50 million men in the USA who are already married are cheating on their spouses. 50% of these married men have more than one affair. 10% of these men opine that their cheating habits do not interfere with their married life. 

Thanks to such cheating by both married men and women, divorce rates in the USA are also increasing. Let us now look at the cheating scenario that prevails in the state of Idaho.

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Cheating in Idaho

Most of the experts who do research on the cheating habits of men and women make use of the details they can get through the Ashley Madison website. They have studied the cheating scenario in the state of Idaho also with the help of this site. Surprisingly, the state ranks very low on the list of those who subscribe on this site. Even the statistics released by the website of Business Insider corroborate with this fact.

According to these statistics, the state of Idaho occupies the third position from the bottom among all the states of the country in the list of most number of cheating husbands and wives. From this, it can be construed that most of the married people in the state continue to have a committed relationship with their spouses. Of course, there may be differences between the partners but they decide to compromise and live together without blowing the issues out of proportion.

Let us now look at a few other statistics for the state.

Idaho marriage rates

The marriage rate in the state of Idaho is higher than the overall rate in the country. In 2016, the provisional marriage rate in the US was 6.9 per 1,000. In 2017, the number of marriages occurred in the state of Idaho stood at 13,691. Of this, 13,408 marriages took place between a groom and a bride. 283 same-sex marriages or marriages between a partner and another partner happened during the year.   

Idaho divorce rates

The divorce rate in the state of Idaho stood at 12% as against 10.9%, that is the whole country's divorce rate. These figures have been released by the Community Survey that conducted a study for the period from 2013 to 2017.

 Idaho Divorce Rates

Idaho Inter-racial marriages

Surprisingly, researchers have not conducted a focused study to gather the interracial marriage statistics for the USA. So, reliable statistics for the state of Idaho are not available also. Of course, there have been studies on this but the purposes for which they have been conducted were different. Hence, the data gathered for these studies cannot be taken as reliable.

Idaho social activity of cheating men and women

The cheating husbands and wives of the state of Idaho are not dissimilar to those of other states. They use most of their time for browsing on their social media sites  They try to showcase themselves as great humans with an aim to impress those with whom they are trying to develop a relationship. They read the posts sent by them, respond to the posts, and so on. In other words, they tenaciously stick to this schedule until they succeed in developing a relationship with those they are desirous of. In other words, they are not at all concerned about the fact that this will lead them to a situation wherein they will be cheating on their spouses. 

In short, cheating husbands or wives do not seem to give a thought about the implications of their activities. The solution to the issues they may face due to their activities lies only with them because they have to realize on their own that they are inviting trouble and complicating their lives by indulging in such activities. 

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