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Healing Process After Infidelity

At this moment it may feel like you will never get over this feeling of betrayal and depression. The news of your partner cheating on you has left you devastated. You think you will never recover from this shock again. You cannot believe this is actually happening to you. It may surprise you but life goes on and you will move forward from this unthinkable situation. Everyone wants to believe their relationship is special, but it turns out it is like 60% of the other relationships where your partner cheats on you.

Believe it or not one in every three people who are in a relationship is going through what you are going through right now. If they can survive this then so can you. With time you will recover from this act of infidelity and you will eventually get over cheating.

Infidelity Recovery Timeline

The Expert Opinion

Infidelity recovery timeline is subjective to individuals. Psychologists who have studied various couples have come to the conclusion that it takes at least two years for any person to completely get over infidelity. For some people, it might take even longer, depending on the length of the actual relationship and the psychology of that person. The experts believe the couple that heals faster after infidelity are the ones that handled the situation better after the revelation of the incident.

It turns out, in the long run, it is not the affair that hurts the most it is the reaction and the mistakes the people make after the disclosure of cheating. Couples recall that phrases like ‘this is over’ or ‘I will never forget or forgive this’ hurts the most. You have to remember that in this difficult time healing is a continual journey. And it starts as soon as the partner admits to the cheating.

Getting over the obsessive negative thoughts is a slow and gradual process. The bad thoughts gradually start to reduce and become fewer until one day you realize it has been so long since you last remembered about the infidelity. You work on yourself and your personal growth, get back the power that was falsely stolen from you. It may be that you can forgive your partner to work on your relationship. It is also a possibility that infidelity is a deal-breaker for you and you no longer wish to be with someone who cheated on you. There is nothing wrong in that as well.

Healing Process After Infidelity

Timeline for Healing from Infidelity

Actual people who are trying to heal from the infidelity of their partner, complain that they are sick and tired of people telling them exactly how long it should take them to heal. How long does it take for you to get over the fact that your partner slept with someone else? Can anyone say that exactly after two years you will wake up and be at peace with this fact? No one can claim that for sure.

The psychologist believes that the time to recover is a minimum of two years for an average individual. But they never say that the entire two years will be a time of intense pain, or that after two years you will feel no pain at all. Sometimes the negative feelings will catch you off guard, Suddenly when you think you are fine or you have completely got over it you will be swept away with the depressive thoughts once again. Don’t be too harsh on your self, you have every right to feel and express all your emotions. You have the right to mourn and take time to heal yourself. Once you have a better hold on your emotions, have a frank discussion with your partner, it will help you heal faster from the trauma.

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