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Instagram Cheating Signs That You Should Not Ignore!

We reveal the signs of cheating on Instagram

All relationships that begin on social media aren't counterfeit. In fact, some relationships started on networking platforms are truly genuine and can last forever. However, some users resort to social media for less than noble reasons, i.e, cheating on their partner. Cheating on Instagram, for example, has been increasingly reported. 

With social media now an integral part of everyday life, building relationships on social media sites like Instagram is more and more common.  It has even become inconceivable for a large number of people to live without these interactions. This means that people end up spending more time physically alone, interacting with others through their phone or computer. This can be a cause for concern as it raises a question: is this a healthy way to conceive relationships?

Instagram cheating signs

In a way, social media sites and networks like Instagram have given us relief from solitude. With social networking sites, people don't feel as lonely or isolated. Although one may never get a chance to meet someone in person, he or she can still interact with like-minded people virtually, through social media sites. But this has become a cause of concern as married or paired-up users have now started to use these online platforms for extra-marital relationships. Instagram cheating, especially, is on the rise.

Are you an Instagram cheater?

Before you try to catch a cheater on Instagram, it may be interesting to ask yourself what cheating looks like these days. Maybe some of your own behaviors could be considered cheating without taking the form of a physical affair. Cheating is really anything that breaks the trust you have with your partner so if  you feel there is something you have to hide, even just a message exchange, it probably falls into the cyber-cheating or micro-cheating category. But over time, these can lead to physical affairs too.

Instagram is the most heavily used social platform for people under 30 and has over 400 million active users per month, and online emotional affairs on the platform have become increasingly common.

The Six Signs of Cheating on Instagram

Developing relationships over social media has become so common that over the past five years, divorce attorneys have increasingly gathered evidence of social media dating to support their divorce cases. However, there are ways in which you can stop other people from interfering in your relationships. Here are 6 signs that can help you catch a cheater on Instagram.

1. They check their social media accounts more than before
If your partner is suddenly much more active on Instagram, spending hours on the platform, but you don't see them publish photos, it might be a sign that they are entertaining conversations with strangers, using the message feature instead of the photo feed.

signs of cheating on Instagram

2. Their phone, computer or tablet is password-protected 
This could be another one of the signs of cheating on Instagram and may hide fake social media accounts unknown to you. If your partner or lover isn't letting you use their devices, it could be a sign they are hiding an affair.

3. They developed a friendly 'online-only' relationship
This is another one of the potent signs of Instagram cheating. Anonymity is more easily achievable today than ever before, due to the use of e-mail and text messages for communication. Those online-only relationships could badly disrupt existing ones simply because it's much easier to communicate virtually through online resources than to talk face-to-face.

Instagram cheating

4. They have followers unknown to you
You may be aware of most of your partner or your significant other's friends, but followers, by definition are anonymous people. These are hard to track but if you have suspicions you can ask your partner to switch to a private account. If they refuse, it might be a sign than something is up.

5. They delete text messages and e-mails
Deleting text messages, emails and browsing history could be a way of hiding something from you and could possibly be an Instagram cheating sign. Most of us don't think twice before deleting our browsing history or any of our files or emails, but for dishonest people, it can be a way to cover their track.

cheating on Instagram

6. They have a new interest in selfies
If your partner is suddenly snapping a lot of selfies, looking for the best light, the best angle, and using sexy filters to smooth their skin before posting a picture on Instagram, it could be in an effort to impress someone and communicate through their feed or DM feature.

Technology is certainly beneficial in many ways, however, it has also put a strain on romantic relationships and made cheating much more easily accessible. Social media, in particular, has changed the landscape for cheaters and gave rise to new creative and secretive ways to go about it, including cheating through Instagram. So if you have any doubts about your partner's fidelity, watch out for the above signs and save yours.

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