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Instagram Cheating Signs That You Should Not Ignore!

We reveal the signs of cheating on Instagram

All relationships that begin on social media aren't counterfeit. In fact, some relationships are truly genuine and innocent. However, a few others are considered as signs of cheating. For example, there have been signs of cheating on Instagram in the past.

Today, building relationships on social media sites like Instagram are on a high. With social media that has become a part of everyday life, it has become impossible for us to live in a world without it. This means that people today end up spending most of their time alone, browsing social media. This has become a cause for concern, especially for healthy relationships.

Instagram cheating signs

The Six Signs of Cheating on Instagram

Today, developing relationships over social media has become so common that over the past five years, divorce attorneys have increasingly gathered evidence of social media dating to support most of their divorce cases. However, there are ways in which you can stop other people from interfering in your relationships.

1. Ever-committed to Checking their Social Media Accounts than before
Social media sites and networks like Instagram have given us a kind of relief from our solitude. With social networking sites, people don't feel lonely in this world anymore. Although one may never get a chance to meet someone in person, he or she can still do it virtually, through social media sites. This has become a cause of concern as Instagram cheating is on the rise.

signs of cheating on Instagram

2. A password-protected phone, computer, laptop or tablet
This could be another one of the signs of cheating on Instagram. Your partner is likely to have a password-protected computer, personal files or fake social media accounts that may be unknown to you. All these could possibly be one of the major signs that your partner is hiding an affair. If your partner or lover isn't letting you use your devices, then it could be a sign of potential disaster coming your way for your relationship.

3. A friendly online-only relationship
This is another one of the potent signs of Instagram cheating. Anonymity has become so common today due to the use of e-mail and text messages for communication. Those online-only relationships could badly disrupt existing ones simply because it's much easier to communicate virtually through online resources than to talk face-to-face.

Instagram cheating

4. Unfamiliar Friends or Followers
You may be aware of most of your partner or your significant other's friends, but what about the ones you don't know about. This could be one of the most important signs of cheating on Instagram. What's more? Your partner may even have 'followers' that you haven't heard of. This could literally spell disaster for your relationship.

5. Deleting text messages and e-mails
Deleting text messages, emails and browsing history could prove to be a bottleneck in your relationship and could possibly be an Instagram cheating sign. Most of us don't think twice before deleting our browsing history or any of our files or emails. When such is the case, an unfaithful partner could definitely be hiding a secret relationship.

cheating on Instagram

6. Those Sneaky Apps
There are certain apps like the WhatsApp Messenger that allows one to sneak messages to others. The problem with these kinds of apps is you don't know who your spouse or partner is sending messages to. You should also probably look out for apps like SlyDial which allows people to make voice calls and send voice messages without having to actually make the phone calls.

Technology is certainly beneficial in many ways, especially compared to the past, when we didn't have as many useful gadgets as we have now. However, when it comes to having a relationship, signs of cheating on Instagram and other social networking sites can be a real pain. So, watch out for the above signs and save yours.