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Cheating Personality Traits

While cheating may not technically be a character trait, there are some common characters that all cheaters tend to have. They all tend to have a set of behaviors, which sets them apart from their non- philandering peers. It is important that you understand these character traits, in order to understand whether your significant other is actually faithful to you or not.


Jealousy is quite a funny trait that all cheaters tend to have. It seems that just because they cheat, they believe that you will cheat on them too. If you are constantly having to defend your actions, and are having to explain to your significant other that yes, you did have to work late and were not with another person, then you may have to look into where your partner is at times.

Is Cheating Part of Someone’s Character


If there is one thing that all cheaters highly value, it is their privacy. Have you been in a relationship for two years
and still do not know the password to their phone? Do they not let you access their laptop and have secret folders that you only know the existence of? If yes, then you may be dealing with a cheater. Cheaters hardly trust anyone with their private lives. They have a facade that they keep on, and this facade helps them navigate any situation
that comes their way with ease.


Unfortunately, cheaters always have a history of emotional abuse attached to their childhood. This makes them vulnerable and makes them constantly fear that you may leave them. In order to mitigate these fears, they keep a repository of girls, whom they can rush to if things go south with the two of you. No matter how deeply the two of you love each other, or where you are in the relationship, his fear of being left alone will always supersede your love.

Cheating Personality

Cheaters are impulsive by nature. They thrive on adrenaline, which is also why the thrill of new partners keeps them going. They are always looking for something extra in their lives- whether it be monetary, physical, or emotional. This impulsive behavior can manifest itself in several ways- hoarding is one of the most popular ones. Sometimes, they just cannot stop themselves from taking a risk- no matter what it costs them. Unfortunately, this too is a reflection of all that is emotionally missing in them. They were robbed of that emotional connect as a child and try to make up for it as an adult, whether it be through fulfilling material desires or by chasing members of the opposite sex.

Constant Lying

If there is one thing that cheaters are excellent at, it is constant lying, All liars are obviously not cheaters, but all cheaters are definitely liars. Cheaters are scarily good at lying and covering their tracks, sometimes not even hesitating to lay down some future groundwork to ensure that their lies seem as believable as possible. In addition, people who are habitual cheaters know exactly how to lie. Their stories will seem utterly preposterous, but they will speak with such sincerity, without breaking eye contact, that you will have no option but to believe them.

Unfortunately, cheaters are people who are highly disturbed mentally. In addition, they are used to this life of cheating and getting away with it, so that no matter what happens, they will continue to seek repose in their ways. They do not want to be cured of their addiction, and you cannot help them. The only option you do have is to stay away and keep away from them.

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