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10 Signs Your Girlfriend Might Be Cheating

Find out if you have a cheating girlfriend with these cheating girlfriend signs!

What are the signs my girlfriend is cheating on me is a question most men ask. No guy would want his girlfriend cheating on him. There are a few signs that can tell you if your girlfriend is cheating. Look for these signs and if you find more than one of them, it is probably time to move on.
The following are 10 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you:

1. She doesn’t want to talk about a certain person
If your girlfriend changes the topic when you talk about a certain person, then it is a warning sign. It could be that your girlfriend is cheating on you with that person. Look for other signs like your girlfriend flushing or acting guilty when that name is introduced in the conversation.

signs your girlfriend is cheating

2. She has no time for you
One of the signs of cheating girlfriend is when she is always busy or always at work and has no time for you. If your girlfriend is all of a sudden not able to find time for you or if she has a very busy social calendar that doesn’t include you; it could be because she is cheating on you.

3. She is always on the phone, but not with you
When your girlfriend is always on the phone, calling or texting but not with you, it is a warning sign. If your girlfriend has no time to text you or call you but has time to spend with others on the phone, it could be a sign that she is cheating on you.

4. She flirts with someone else
If your girlfriend is flirting with someone else, like a colleague at the office, then it is a danger sign you need to watch out. If she flirts with someone behind you, she could be cheating on you. If she is on the phone regularly with that ‘someone’ then it is probably a clear indication she is cheating on you.

signs of cheating girlfriend

5. She is always upset with you

If your caring girlfriend is nowadays upset with you, it is something you need to think about. One of the signs your girlfriend is cheating is that she suddenly is upset with whatever you do and starts finding fault with what you do. If you haven’t done anything wrong, then it could mean she has someone else.

6. She is being secretive
If your girlfriend is suddenly becoming secretive and not telling you where she has been and what she is up to; you can take this as a sign she is cheating on you. Not sharing things with you is probably because she has found someone else.

7. She is obsessed with her privacy
After being open with you, if she suddenly wants privacy, it is a sign that you should consider seriously. However, not every need for privacy means that your girlfriend is cheating; we all go through hard times and need some time for ourselves.

signs your girlfriend is cheating on you
So, if you feel your girlfriend pulling away from you, you should ask here if something is wrong instead of assuming that she is unfaithful. If she opens up and tells you why she is upset, then great. If not, perhaps she is cheating and wants time away from you to be with her lover.

8. She no longer says that she loves you
If your girlfriend stops saying that she loves you and stops sending the mushy messages she used to, it a serious sign that something is wrong. Unless you have been together for a while and the mushy feelings have settled a bit, it is natural for you and your girlfriend to express your love often. If that changes, maybe she has a reason for not telling you she loves you like she used to.

9. She dresses up, but not for you
A sign that your girlfriend could be cheating is when she dresses up her best, but not for you. When she dresses up when she goes out or goes to work, it could be a sign of cheating.

A change in personal style could also be indicative of cheating – if your girlfriend used to dress a certain way, and now she has transformed her personal style for no apparent reason, it could be that she is changing her style according to someone else's preferences or because she wants to look her best for her love interest.

signs my girlfriend is cheating

10. She is not interested in physical love
If your girlfriend no longer wants to cuddle, kiss, or make love; then it could be because she is cheating on you.

These signs your girlfriend is cheating on you should not be considered in isolation. Look at other things like a change in behavior before you take a call on what to do next. To make sure everything is alright with your girlfriend and in your relationship, it is important to keep the lines of communication often.

Many of the signs up here may indicate that your girlfriend is going through something or that she feels something is wrong with your relationship. If your communication is open and honest, you will be able to talk things through instead of harbor feeling that she is cheating on you. If all else fails, you can check if your girlfriend is cheating on you and decide what you want to do in case you find out your suspicions of infidelity are true.

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