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Is My Wife Lying About Cheating?

How to Tell If Your Wife is Lying About Cheating!

Cheating in marriage is also known as infidelity. It is the act of being unfaithful to your spouse or partner. Infidelity can occur to anyone, at any age and to either of the partners in the relationship. While there is no specific pattern but a lot of questions come to your mind when you realize that you have been cheated by that person with whom you took your vows.

Types of infidelity

With the technological changes and enhancements occurring in the world we live today; newer ways of cheating are also coming into notice.

Physical – As sexual desires take over and are not met, spouses cheat. Genes also play a very important role in this kind of habit. It is best to discuss this issue when you have a healthy relationship and before any damages are done.

how to tell if your wife is lying about cheating

Opportunistic – Temptations come to everyone and we are likely to succumb to them. An opportunity to be with someone else when your partner loves you dearly falls under this category.

Romantic – A romantic infidelity can be conflicted and non-conflicted. A conflict happens when the wife feels genuine love both for you and the other person. A non-conflict happens when the wife exhibits more affection towards the other partner and still wants to keep the marriage with the spouse.
Emotional – When the wife gets emotionally attached to another person emotional cheating takes place. Spending excessive time, sharing personal details or giving extra emotional attention are some classic signs.

Cyber – The acts of sexting, chatting, texting, sharing inappropriate video content without the spouse’s knowledge is called cyber cheating. It has become extremely prevalent in society today.
How can you tell if your wife is lying about cheating?

Once you are certain that your wife is cheating on you, we will recommend you to take some time and think through the issue. It is important that you have an open conversation with your wife about what you have discovered but the conversation will be most effective if you have a calm state of mind.

cheating wife lies

Psychologists say that the first step in healing a mind is to make them face the reason of their unrest. Therefore, while confronting a cheating wife, you should be prepared to know the problem and have an open mind to explore the option of fixing it.

During such conversations, sometimes spouses have parallel thoughts in their minds such as - Is my wife lying about cheating? It is important that you try and put these aside because these are likely to destroy any meaningful conversation.

  • Identify the fragrances your spouse brings home
  • Does your spouse have new marks or bruises?
  • Unknown charges on credit card
  • Exceptionally and excessively long calls
how to tell if your wife is lying about cheating

Communication: Look for these communication changes
  • Touchy
  • Make remarks that are cruel
  • Becomes defensive when questioned
  • Reduced intimacy or a sudden increase
  • Sudden wanting of new acts of intimacy or showing newly gained talents
  • A sudden need to dress nicely, changing hairstyle or wearing new scents.
  • Sudden interests in physical fitness and increased attention to personal grooming
  • The above list is only for your reference to help identify cheating wife lies however, we recommend that you rely upon your gut feel and look for nuisances to determine your suspicions.
wife is lying about cheating

Tips on how to confront your wife about cheating:
  • Be prepared and thorough
  • Revisit your evidence
  • Assess the evidence for any benefit of the doubt
  • Think about what you would want to do if your suspicions are confirmed
  • Do not fall for alcohol or drugs. Love yourself more than anybody
  • Frame statements where you can get your wife to answer
  • When you know the reasons, reassess what you want to do as a next step
  • Weigh in the impact of your decisions on your children
  • Seek marriage counseling

common lives cheating wives tell their husbands

  • I was out with my friends – an excuse cheaters tell when confronted about they were doing when they could not be reached
  • He is like a brother to me – this is an excuse cheating wives tell as a means of explaining why they are spending so much time with another guy, whether it's face to face or on the phone
  • I'm working late – if, for no real reason, your wife starts saying that she needs to do overtime and work late, it could be because she is trying to meet up with the person she is having an affair with
  • You're acting crazy – this is a clear lie and an attempt to shift the blame from cheating to a paranoid spouse

So, how to tell if your wife is lying about cheating? Well, there are several ways to answer this question. If signs of cheating start building up, you may have reason to suspect your wife is cheating. Like in many problems in a relationship, you can't beat your instincts, so if your gut tells you your wife is unfaithful, you should speak to her about your suspicions.

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