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Where Is My Husband? Here Is How to Find Out!

Throughout married life, there will always be a number of situations where you will need to locate your husband. Your child may need to be picked up from school and you are unable to go, or there may be an important call from the bank, and your husband is nowhere to be found. These are some of the more day-to-day reasons why you would need to locate your spouse, however, there are other reasons as to why you may need to locate him for more nefarious concerns. You may suspect him of having an affair, or even another family on the side. 

While tracking someone based solely on their cell phone number seems like an easy option, unless you have connections to the CIA or FBI, you will not be able to locate someone just based on their phone number. These agencies have the capability to track a sim card without permission, but for people who are looking to track others from home, this article will provide some alternative methods of locating your husband. 

Locate My Husband

It is important to note, that using a GPS tracking device on anything you own is completely legal. It is also legal to track your children if they are under the age of 18. It is, however, illegal to track other people’s property, as well as track other people without their knowledge. The laws are continuously being updated so it’s crucial to stay informed about the legality of these issues.

GPS Tracking

There are countless options of GPS trackers that you can purchase, that allow you to view the location of these trackers from a smartphone at any time. Some of these GPS trackers are small enough to put on a set of keys in case you lose them, while some which are more powerful are a bit larger. These can be placed anywhere, but it is recommended not to leave them in clothes as they often get lost, it is great to put in a briefcase, attach to a phone case, set of keys or another place which is generally near your husband. 

GSM Tracking

There is a method of phone tracking that uses a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network. This allows you to track any phone with a sim card, regardless if it is a smartphone or not. You will need to use a service that tracks the number, and the owner of the phone number will need to grant access to the service to track it.

This method does not involve downloading any software or hardware. It is not recommended to sneakingly take your husband’s phone and give permission on their behalf as these services usually send text messages to the cell phone which will let the owner know the phone is being tracked. 

Find My Husband

Car Tracker

If you and your husband’s car is a newer model, it most likely comes with a built-in GPS. With security and anti-theft features, this allows you to track where the car is in the event that it is lost or stolen. To do this it depends on the model of the car, and you can contact the manufacturer for more information.

If the car is an older model without GPS tracking, you can simply place a GPS tracker like the ones mentioned above inside the trunk or a seat pocket where it will not be visible and track the car from your phone. 

Smartphone Apps

There are many ways in which a smartphone can be tracked, one such method without downloading an app is through the find my phone feature which is available on most smartphones. For android phones, the account that tracks the phone can vary, some of them use a google account, some use a Samsung account, so check which phone your husband uses and you will need his password and login information in order to access the find my phone feature. The process is similar for iOS, you will need to enter his iCloud account, and select the find my iPhone feature. If you share an iCloud account, this is much easier. 

Aside from the find my phone features, there are plenty of applications that can be downloaded to the phone which track its location. The apps that advertise themselves as free services are generally scams, and should not be downloaded as they may contain malware and/or viruses. We have compiled some of the top-rated apps below. 

Track My Husband

FamiSafe is an app that is available for both iOS and Android and is marketed as a way to track your children, however, it will work on your husband's phone just the same. With FamiSafe you will be able to see the realtime location of the phone as well as places previously visited. Famisafe starts at 10 dollars a month. 

Find My is a free app for iOS which allows you to track your family and friend's location. You will need to add your husband to the list and then you will be able to see his location. The app was originally called find my friends but was merged with Find My Phone into Find My in 2019. 

Flexispy is available for both iOS and android and provides a very accurate location tracker to your account. Plans start at 30 dollars a month but include a large number of other features aside from phone tracking as well. 

Hiring a Private Investigator 

A more expensive option to locate your husband is to hire a private investigator, this is useful if you suspect your husband is going somewhere and do not want to risk him finding a tracking device that you have placed or know that you are looking for him. Private Investigators generally cost upward of 200 dollars an hour plus expenses and will be able to tell you what your husband is doing at the location in addition to where they are. 

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