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How to Move on After Being Cheated On

Imagine having been with someone for a long time, only to find out that she/he has been cheating on you. Life as you know it will never be the same. Many people look the other way hoping that the person will change. Some up the ante to bring back the spunk into their lives, because let’s face it, over time drudgery can creep into a relationship causing it to go south. But try as you might, if your partner is a serial cheater, you need to move on, let us look at a few ways to get out of the doldrums.

Apply for a Transfer

Pack your bags and leave. Don’t change your mind even if she/he begs for another chance. You know deep down that a leopard doesn’t change its spots. If she/he has been cheating on you for a while, you have been dealt with the wrong set of cards. Make something of your life as you plan ahead. If you are meant to be free from her/him, get on with life. Find a job elsewhere, where you don’t have to bump into her/him.

How Do You Move On from Someone Who Cheated On You

Getting Over, Getting Under, like Really?

Most of your friends will suggest that you get even. They may set you up with a great catch or upload your specs on Tinder. It may or may not work if you are starting. Also if you are shy of exhibiting your wares to someone else, you may find yourself even more depressed than you were earlier. Social matchmaking sites are great for when you are ready to get back on the horse, but a rebound thing will never help you get a move on. Wait it out and then try Tinder.

Join a Group

Update your social networking skills and make friends with like-minded folk. Better still get in touch with a group of people who have been through the same thing. It will help you cope as you speak about your experience and share your feelings. You may enjoy your meetings with the group, online or offline as it helps you in ways that you would never have known possible.

Shake that Booty

Don’t get too down in the dumps. A great booster dose of fun is joining a dance class and upping those salsa skills. Or if you need to get in shape you need to go to a gym, or an aerobics group, anything that keeps you on your toes - physically and metaphorically speaking. It keeps the adrenaline pumping. You feel good about yourself. You get your mojo back. Even if you have two left feet, you can dance your cares away.

A New Look

Have a makeover, there is nothing quite like it because it helps you quite literally remove that part of your life that needs to be eliminated. A change in appearance never hurt anyone. Add something new to the wardrobe or ditch some of the stuff that brings back sad memories. The best is yet to come and before you know it you will be the belle of the ball once again.

How to Move on After Being Cheated On
Common Spots

As time progresses and you find yourself ready to go out, you may end up at the same social scene as that dratted cheater. You may find it difficult trusting friends who may have known what was going on all along but kept mum. If you happen to come face to face with the cheat, ignore the person. Don’t look soulful or sad – and don’t let your guard down. You may end up in bed with the cheater if you do, and it will be the same old story. Accept the fact that you have the same set of people in your group. Do not let that faze you. Deal with it, and have fun.

The Learning Experience

At the end of the day, being cheated on is horrible. But don’t ever feel sorry for yourself. Don’t give up on love, ultimately you will be happy again with someone who will love you unconditionally. It may take time, but the best is yet to come your way.

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