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My Boyfriend is Unhappy in Our Relationship

If you feel that you have an unhappy boyfriend, you need to know this

If you ever find the one you love in your life, then hold on to that love. A life blessed you with a boyfriend. Love is not always about stars, the moon, and rain but holding the umbrella strongly in the rain.

Do you also think of the reason behind "Why my boyfriend is unhappy?" or blame yourself," Am I the reason why my boyfriend is unhappy in our relationship?"

A great chunk of people is unhappy in their relationships throughout the world. The reason for an unhappy boyfriend could be many. You need to approach your unhappy boyfriend and root it out for you both. If your boyfriend seems unhappy too, you can try behaving in these ways:

• Put yourself in his shoes: Carefully notice what bothers your unhappy boyfriend. It may be one of your things, some quarrel at his workplace, financial complications. Do not look from your point of view, rather try knowing his reasons by little things that make him an unhappy boyfriend.

Unhappy Boyfriend

• Talk it out: Communication is certainly the key to a happy relationship. You should try to communicate whenever your boyfriend seems unhappy so that he feels more affection, love, and understanding from you and that may eliminate his sorrow and angst.

• Appreciate your boyfriend: You should start appreciating your unhappy boyfriend every time he succeeds in his little things. He got an office promotion, a new job, won his football match, played a song on guitar for you, you should always be the first one to cheer for him.

• Try listening: When your unhappy boyfriend is trying to talk out his causes, his concerns, and insecurities and trying to give you an insight for "why my boyfriend is unhappy in our relationship", try listening to him. Try and be totally patient towards him, listen to him in order to understand how are things in his mind? as to totally conclude and root out as to why your boyfriend seems unhappy?

• Unleash your unhappy boyfriend: Avoid putting a leash to him. Give him time for himself. Let him go for that football match, vacation with his friends, out on video games and let him feel happy too. Unhappy boyfriends put forth this reason the most. Stop being his mom.

My Boyfriend is Unhappy

• Your happiness is complementary: Your unhappy boyfriend may be unhappy because you are not happy. In a relationship, happiness is connected. He may be not able to fulfill your expectations and must be thinking as to why is my girlfriend unhappy? Keep yourself happy in a relationship so that he can stay happy too.

• Pamper your unhappy boyfriend: Men loves pampering too. Take your unhappy boyfriend on a romantic date, candlelight dinner, trekking, cycling, vacation, art gallery, comedy show, yoga/ gym session or whatever that makes him happy. Spoil him with all your love and affection. It will definitely cheer his spirits up.

• Treat your unhappy boyfriend like one of your friends: Women make great friends too. A woman who finds a true friend is considered to be happy and a woman who finds her true friend in her boyfriend is seen as the happiest. Be interested in them and be attentive towards them as one of your best friends. Understand their problems and be extremely supportive of them. They need the same cheering as your friends do. You think my boyfriend is unhappy, that is possible because you don't encourage him enough as you do for your friends.

• Intimacy issues: Maybe you are too busy with your saloon, your job, running errands that you forget that intimacy is the key to a successful relationship. Unhappy boyfriend can be made really happy if you look after the intimacy between you two.

• Go for professional help: Despite all these things, if you still think that my boyfriend is unhappy. Try reaching for the professional help from a Psychologist or relationship advisory. They may guide you and eliminate your issue of an unhappy boyfriend.

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