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The Path to Forgiveness After Cheating

It can be an extremely emotional and painful experience to deal with a girlfriend who has cheated on you and broken trust. It is natural to be heartbroken and introspect on what should be your next step. However, even when you feel shattered, there are strong feelings still between both of you. It can take a lot of efforts and deliberations to accept her back forgive her infidelity and start afresh. In fact, both you and your girlfriend have to go that that extra mile for healing broken trust.

Tips for making a fresh start after your girlfriend cheated on you:

  • You should be ready to forget her infidelity and also accept her apologies.
  • Sit together and try to figure out why she had an urge to cheat on you. Your discussion should be honest and open so that it can throw light on the issues that exist in your relationship. Such a discussion will help you to repair, as well as, heal your broken trust in case your girlfriend is really sorry and apologizes to you sincerely. Such a step will enable both of you to begin fresh. However, on the flip side, a discussion like this can also have a negative impact on your ego. Also, it can be impossible or tough for you to show forgiveness.
Girlfriend Cheated
  • Pay attention to the various positive aspects that exist in your relationship. Also, accept areas of concern, which require repair. Do not let the past affect your future. So, think of ways of improving your relationship.
  • There should be boundaries set so that your girlfriend does not cheat you again. These relationship boundaries should be non-negotiable. Be assertive while letting her know that such kind of behavior from her side would not be tolerated by you in the future. You can even set an ultimatum if required. She should know that the relationship you share with her should be monogamous else you will leave her. It is crucial to let your cheating girlfriend know what your expectations are prior to saving this relationship.

In case the issues have been resolved by you, it is crucial to salvaging the broken trust, which has been violated. After all, trust is the backbone of any kind of relationship. Your girlfriend should assure you that she would not lie to you and not hurt you by cheating on you.

Healing Broken Trust

Symptoms that you can trust your girlfriend once again

Here are a few signs that will tell you that it is time to trust your girlfriend and she will not cheat on you again:

There is greater transparency between both of you

You know that there is greater transparency if your girlfriend who betrayed, offers you complete access to her. There are no secrets between both of you. She even permits you to access her private accounts, phone messages, and e-mails.

Communication is more open between both of you

Healthy communication is extremely important in any relationship and it is even more relevant while reviving yours after your girlfriend cheated on you. When both of you are open, you can be relaxed and will also listen more to one another.

There could be several reasons for your girlfriend to have cheated you. Hence, if you are serious about salvaging your relationship with her, it is the perfect time for self-evaluation. There is a possibility that you were not meeting the emotional concerns of your girlfriend. It is also possible that she was curious to enter into a new relationship. Whatever could be the root cause, when she asks for forgiveness genuinely, and you are not averse to forgiving her, your relationship still has a chance.

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