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My Wife is Unhappy But Won’t Tell me Why, How Should I Behave?

A wife is considered as a joy to the man's heart. Happy wives make happy homes, but what if your wife seems unhappy? Do you also think of the reason behind "Why my wife is always angry and unhappy?" or still in the dilemma, "Is my wife unhappy?"

There's an exponential increase in the number of Unhappy wife cases all around the world. The reason to unhappy wife could be numerous but one of the most common reason is wives look for a better bond with you as the time in the marriage increases. If your wife seems unhappy too, you can try to behave in these ways:

Try discovering the root cause: The reason for your unhappy wife could be your inactive role in looking after the kids, not helping her in the chores, financial instability, lack of romance. You should not behave in an interrogative manner to look for why my wife is unhappy? rather try to know her reasons by little things that make her unhappy and angry.

Unhappy Wife

Try to communicate with her: You should not keep your concern of unhappy wife to yourself. You should try to communicate with her so that she feels more connection, love, and understanding and that may eliminate her insecurities and angst.

Be attentive towards her: The cause behind your unhappy wife maybe your inattentiveness towards her. Probably you've already been in a marriage for years now and you don't show enough curiosity towards her now. She might be still missing her old dating days with you when you were both in college. Make her feel she is important for you and give her all the attention she deserves.

Listen to her: When your unhappy wife is trying to express herself for why your wife seems unhappy?, try listening to her. Be a little patient towards her, listen to her in order to understand her part of the story as to interpret why your wife seems unhappy?

Show your emotions: Women love men who express. Show your unhappy wife that you do care and love her the most. You may have those emotions for her somewhere deep in your heart but you don't express it now. Express that you love her, care for her, feels that she is important. No need to cage those emotions up as they vanish with time if you don't keep expressing them.

Wife Seems Unhappy

Give her time: Your time is the most important thing you can give to anyone. Your unhappy wife may be looking for more time from you. Probably you're just going to your office, coming back home and just eating with her and them sleeping. This is why your wife seems unhappy. Talk to her, spend your weekends with her. It may solve your dilemma as to why my wife is always angry and unhappy?

Pamper your unhappy wife: Women loves pampering. Take your unhappy wife on a romantic date, candlelight dinner, trekking, cycling, vacation, art gallery, comedy show or whatever that makes her happy. Spoil her with love and affection. It will definitely cheer her spirits up and solve your complications to a great level.

Treat your unhappy wife like one of your friends: A man who finds a true friend is considered to be happy and a man who finds his true friend in his wife is considered to be the happiest. Be interested in them and be attentive towards them as one of your best friends. Try solving their problem and be extremely supportive of them. They need the same enthusiasm as your friends do. Your wife seems unhappy possibly because you don't encourage her for her little achievements like you do for your friends. Keep appreciating them and keep them showing their positive side so as to have a happy wife.

Do not try to tell her what to do: 
One of our instincts, when our spouse is unhappy, is telling them what to do to improve the situation. However, this usually has the opposite effect; when you feel down, you do not want someone to tell you what they do because they do not fully understand what you are going through. So, instead of telling your wife what to do, simply listen to her. Try to be attentive and not judge her feelings, even if you do not understand them. Having someone to speak with is sometimes more helpful than having someone tell you what to do, so try to be that person for your wife.

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