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Cheating Statistics in the State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma is situated in the south-central region of the United States. It is sometimes referred to as The Sooner State as many foreigners or non-native people settled in the state of Oklahoma before The Indian Appropriation Act was passed in 1889. This is the reason for the dramatic increase of European-American settlement in the Indian territory.   The result was that from a very early stage a lot of people from different background, race, culture, religion started living together.

The Indian Territory and the Oklahoma territory later together formed the state of Oklahoma which become the 46h state to join the American union in 1907. The intermixing of people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds lead to a lot of inter-racial and inter-ethnic marriages in the state of Oklahoma. This is the reason why Oklahoma holds the second position when it comes to interracial marriage in the USA among all the other fifty states in the USA.

Oklahoma divorce rates

Oklahoma has a booming economy. The major industries in the state aviation, telecommunication, energy, and biotechnology. This is a testimony to the level of literacy and education in the state of Oklahoma. The people of Oklahoma are career-oriented and ambitious driven, especially the young generation. Then Gen X and millennial do not want to rush into marriage and then get divorced. But sadly that has not prevented the divorce rate from rising in the state. Relationships and marriages have taken a back seat when it comes to prioritizing what is important.

Oklahoma Cheating Statistics

According to the Oklahoma divorce statistics and graphs, the divorce rate in Oklahoma is at an all-time high. The national divorce rate is 10.9% while that of Oklahoma is 13.2% according to the Community Survey of 2013 to 2017. the rate of divorce in Oklahoma is 4.1 per 1000 residents that is the second-highest among all of the American states.

Oklahoma marriage rates

In spite of the high divorce rate in the state, the marriage rate is relatively much better. The socio-economic developments in the contemporary world have adversely affected the marriage rate in the USA and all its states. The decrease in divorce is directly proportional to a decrease in marriage rate all over America.  The average marriage rate of America according to report is 6.9 for every thousand people.

49.9% that means almost half of the people in Oklahoma are married. The marriage rate of the state is 6.8 per 1000 residents of Oklahoma. This places Oklahoma in the 22nd highest position among all the states.

Cheating Statistics Oklahoma

Oklahoma Inter-racial marriage statistics

The rate of inter-racial marriage in Oklahoma is 19%  that is only second place to 39% in Hawaii. According to the last official census of 2010 in America, 15% of all the new marriages are between people of different ethnicity or race. This data was almost double to the number of inter-racial marriages in the USA in the year 1980.  Among heterosexual, inter-racial marriages the marriage between blacks and whites are the fourth most common.

Oklahoma inter-racial marriage rate is on a steady rise. Between the year 2008 and 1010 26.3% newly married couples were interracial couples. The majority of 5.6% inter-racial marriage in Oklahoma is between Oklahomans and Hispanic, followed by 1.6% between Asian and White people.

Online activity in Oklahoma

As there is a lot of interracial mixing among the people of Oklahoma there is a lot of cultural diversity that is present in the state. The social and cultural activity of the state reflects just that. Statistics show that divorce among inter-racial couples is much higher. And as there are plenty of inter-ethnic couples living in Oklahoma the divorce statistics in the state are also high. Cheating is one of the primary causes of breaking up marriages.

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