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5 Common Apps Used for Cheating

Mobile phones have evolved in a way that made them the center of our lives; we use our smartphones and other mobile devices to contact one another, search for information, enjoy content on the go, shop, and even cheat. The evolution of mobile devices has allowed many to keep their indiscretions hush-hush without their partners being the wiser. In fact, online cheating has become so common that several apps are dedicated to just that – cheating. The following are 5 popular cheating apps that cheaters love to use, and while not all were launched for the purpose of cheating, many have become classic apps for cheating without getting caught.

1. Snapchat

You are probably not surprised by the first app on the list; Snapchat has become one of the most popular cheating apps these days with its handy disappearing messages feature. People who use Snapchat for cheating have a ball without getting caught as they can send photos, videos, and even money to people they chat with. The disappearing content draws in people to use Snapchat for cheating, so if your partner uses the app quite often, you should see it as a red flag.

Cheating Apps

2. Vaulty Stocks

Vaulty Stocks has got to be one of the sneakiest apps used for cheating as it covers up tracks by posing as a stocks app. With Vaulty Stocks, you can store photos and videos on the app itself and not inside the phone's gallery, so people who go through your phone cannot see anything wrong. Also, if someone enters the wrong pin to open the app, the only thing they will see is a financial interface and nothing else, causing snoopers to leave the app, thinking that everything is alright.

3. Viber

Yet another app that allows users to delete communications and content in Viber; once people send images or videos to others, the content will disappear within minutes. Viber does not record user activity, so if someone goes through the phone of a cheater, they will not be able to see traces of cheating. Cheaters can also have secret chats on Viber that stay hidden until a PIN is entered correctly into the app.

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is by no means your classic cheating app, but the popular social media app's recent featured have made it easier for cheaters to get away with their indiscretions. How do cheaters use Facebook as a cheating app? This is where Facebook Messenger comes in; what was once a plain old chat app now displays features that make it easier for cheaters to cheat. With Messenger, you can have secret conversations with people that are encrypted and can only be viewed by you and the person that you are talking to. Like with other cheating apps, you can use Facebook Messenger to send and receive any content you desire, which allows cheaters to have secret conversations with the object of their desire.

Apps Used for Cheating

5. Telegram

Telegram is great for secret messaging in general and for cheating as well. The popular app has an autodestruct timer that people can set and choose which messages will self-destruct and when. Also, with Telegram, users can have hidden chats and make secret conversations with other app users. Only those who have hidden chats on Telegram will be able to access such conversations, as a PIN is required to open hidden messages.

Is Your Partner Using Apps for Cheating?

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Apps for Cheating

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People who want to cheat will find a way to do so; the thing that changes is how cheaters cheat and how they contact the people that they cheat with. In the 21st century, many cheaters use apps for cheating that they can hide from their partners, with several apps being the most popular for this purpose. The five apps we mentioned here are some of the most popular apps for cheating, so if you see them on your partner's mobile devices, you should ask yourself some serious questions.

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