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Advice for Men Who Are Worried About Their Partner's Guy Friends

In earlier times, most of the women and the girls were leading a low-profile life. They were maintaining homes or were busy with their daily chores. This is not to say that women were not employed at all. But the number of women who were going for employment was less. In fact, there was not much scope for women to develop friendships with their male counterparts. But the scenario is completely different now. Women have as much exposure as men have, if not more. Therefore, girls have a number of male friends. Your lover may also have such friends. In fact, if she has a lot of guy friends, there need not be any reason for you to worry about it. Of course, if she only has male friends, you can be concerned about it.

Let us now find out how you should handle such a situation.

She Has a Lot of Guy Friends
There may be advantages

If your lover or the girlfriend you like the most has a lot of male friends, there may be advantages to you. One distinct advantage is that you can become friends with them. In fact, you can become closer to some of them than how close your lover is to them. Having more number of friends is a distinct advantage in the present-day scenario. It may help you in your career or these friends can be willing to render the help you need during difficult times or whenever you find the going tough. Sometimes, these friends may help you when you organize functions, parties, or important events in your family. But such a selfish attitude is not good and hence, you should not develop relationships with such ideas.

Find out why you are worried

You should be honest with yourself and find out why you need to worry about this situation. It is true she has a lot of male friends. But the reason for your worry may be whether she will desert you and will get hooked up with some other guy. This is an insecure feeling. Experts say that this insecure feeling is the result of a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. This insecurity shows that you do not have confidence in your abilities. If you have been having a sexual relationship with her, you may become insecure if you doubt whether you are satisfying her fully.

But remember that fulfilling sexual desire is not the be-all-and-end-all in a relationship but it is only a part of it. If you shower your kindness and love on her, there is no reason to doubt whether she will desert you and pick another guy. In fact, experts are emphatic about the ways how a male should treat his lover. According to them, if a girl finds her male partner kind and compassionate enough, she will never leave him. Similarly, if a girl finds her partner intelligent, knowledgeable, and competent, she will be the last person to leave him. The example of Bernard Shaw being loved and liked by several attractive girls is worth remembering here.

In other words, one of the ways to tackle a situation in which your lover is found to have a number of male friends is to develop your confidence and shower all the kindness and love on her.

Guy Friends
Have a frank discussion

If you still feel insecure and apprehend that she may desert you and choose another guy, you should not hesitate to have a frank discussion with her. Nothing can beat this approach. She may either be not knowing about your feelings or she may be too busy to notice them. Therefore, having a frank discussion and explaining your feelings can be the best solution in this context. No woman who likes her boyfriend sincerely will hesitate to change her ways. But if your girlfriend is just the opposite and if she is adamant about continuing with her behaviors, you can consider other options.

If she continues to maintain her association with her male friends, you can think of other alternatives like leaving or separating from her. After all, when she has a number of male friends, you can also choose to have another girlfriend. You can become closer to the new friend as well. But if you feel that you cannot separate from your present girlfriend just because you love her very much, it is better to tolerate her behaviors and continue your relationship with her.

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