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Many things have changed in this world but some things remain the same. Like the phenomenon of people cheating on their spouses. Infidelity is still one of the leading causes of divorce in America and all across the world.  It may shock you to know that 16% of all married people in the USA cheat on their spouses. Out of the 20% are men and 13% are women. Enlisted below are a few instances of infidelity that will make you question the faithfulness of your own spouse and will give you permanent trust issues.

Shocking Cheating Stories

  • Kevin and Emma were high school sweethearts. They went to the same college and got married two years after that. They were together for 9 years before getting married and were married for five years after that. Kevin, unfortunately, one day discovered that the love of his life was having an affair with her boss in the office for more than one year. Everyone uses sight example of their love and be jealous of how lucky they were. And now they have become a cautionary tale to scare everyone, never to trust anyone.
Infidelity Stories
  • Philip from Chicago was about to propose to his girlfriend of four years on their dating anniversary. He was sure she was the girl of his dreams and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. So he planned a surprise party and invited all their friends and family members to propose to her. When everyone was waiting for her to come back home sitting in the dark. They heard her get in the apartment with some random boy, who then started to make out with her on the couch. It turns out after office she had gone out to a bar after office, had a few drinks and picked up a random guy from the bar because she knew her boyfriend would not be home at that time.
  • Suddenly Martha’s boyfriend claimed that he had reconnected with his childhood friend. And they started to spend a lot of time together. Martha never suspected anything because he said they were just going to see a lot of games and doing guy stuff. Once a text came on his unlocked phone from Charlie who was supposedly this childhood friend. She discovered that her now ex-boyfriend had forgotten to mention that Charlie was a girl and they were sending naked pictures to each other. He did not lie about one thing, they were indeed close friends.
Infidelity Stories
  • Cindy’s son was seven years old when her husband came back home with a girl of six and a half years old. This girl looked strangely like her husband. When he was interrogated for the first few days he said it was his niece. Cindy could not believe that because he had met his entire family and though they lived in a different country he was familiar with their faces. And she was sure she had never seen or heard of this niece, on further questioning, he admitted that the girl was his illegitimate child. When Cindy was pregnant with their son, the husband felt unsatisfied and trapped in their marriage. To fulfill his physical needs he had an affair with a young waitress. He had told the waitress his wife had recently passed away and he needed companionship. He was having a good time, but he got the waitress pregnant. As he did not want to take any responsibility he ghosted the girl and focused on his married life. Now the waitress has found him and filed a case against him claiming child support. Cindy still does not know how to deal with her husband or the child.

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