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Is it illegal to spy on your spouse?

This is how to spy on your spouse!

Spouses share lives with each other but they do have their own space and privacy and everyone should respect it. Besides respect, trust is the most important factor that holds a marriage together. Spying on one’s spouse is neither healthy for your relationship nor is legal (as defined by law).

Yet we have seen it that many spouses indulge in this for various reasons. If one is able to cover their spying tracks, then they can use the gathered information for various reasons. However, in legal terms, it is illegal to spy on your spouse as it violates their privacy and space.

apps to spy on your spouse

Why would you spy on your spouse?

Well, there are various reasons someone would spy on their spouses such as:

  • Suspicion – Some people are suspicious that their spouses are cheating on them. Someone who has been a victim of cheating in the past is typically concerned about being cheated again.
  • Insecurity – Some spouses constantly need to be reminded that they are loved and are not being cheated.
  • Influences and other problems – Spouses want to see if their partners are using drugs, drinking or spending time with a bad influence.
is it illegal to spy on your spouse,
  • Excessive spending – If spouses are concerned about expenses and stealing from the family they may start spying on their partners.
  • Control freaks – Some individuals are control freaks and they spy to obtain knowledge of their partner’s whereabouts and secrets. Such knowledge makes them feel in charge of their partner.
  • A history of infidelity-  trust is often hard, if not impossible, to fix once a person in a relationship cheats. So, no wonder that one of the main reasons people spy on their spouses is because there is a history of cheating in a relationship. In these cases, even the slightest suspicion can make people spy on their spouse and make sure they do not repeat old patterns.

  • A worried mind - one of the ways people spy on their spouses is by using a GPS phone tracker. A phone tracker helps make sure the people in your life are where they are supposed to be. So, when people can't get in touch with their spouses, it is not that strange that they will spy on their location.

Ways to spy on your spouse

As much as it is illegal to spy on anyone, it is really a tempting proposition for some people. The trick is to ensure that they do not catch you red-handed in the act as it is difficult to hide these activities from the person with whom you live.

The best way is to have an expert help you with the entire idea. Also, ensure that you only use top classy spying tools.

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Below are some spying methods:

Ø Using apps to spy on your spouse – Your app store has many free apps that you can download and use to track your spouse. These apps are great at tracing and intercepting calls, sharing cell phone activities and also locating the physical location of your spouse using GPS.
  • Spyadvice is a known and reliable app that can be used for this purpose. It can be easily downloaded and installed and has a feature of hiding the app icon. Once downloaded on your spouse’s device, it gives you access to all the database. The only drawback is that it is a costly alternative.
  • GPS tracker hidden is an app which gives the location of your spouse. After a quick installation, the app converts itself into a battery saver and hence is not easily detected. 
how to spy on your spouse
  • Couple Tracker provides access to your spouse’s messages, calls, social media, and location. The app has the capability to retain deleted messages as well. The best part of this app is that it works both ways thereby building trust and not otherwise.
Ø Using spy equipment on your spouse – Such equipment is typically used by professionals however if you do not want to involve another person you can also consider using this equipment.
  • Cameras in smoke detectors can be installed easily and have 10-hour battery life. It has an internal memory which is good for recording and which can later be downloaded on a laptop.
  • GPS trackers placed in vehicles helps in tracking the location of your spouse with no additional burden on your pocket.
Ø Seek professional help – While this is the oldest and the most reliable form of spying, it comes with its own cons:
  • Jeopardizing your privacy to a third person and have him trace one of your loved ones.
  • Costly alternate
  • Risk of things being disclosed to your partner
While now you know how to spy on your spouse, we highly recommend it to avoid exploring this alternate and to have an open dialogue regarding your issues.

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