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Are you Dating a Cheater? Here are the Signs!

Serial cheaters signs you have to know!

Falling in love is all well and good. But falling in love with the wrong person can destroy you and your wellbeing. If you have to worry about how loyal your boyfriend is constantly, you will be riddled with anxiety and insecurity. It could lead to depression and is overall extremely detrimental for your health.

It is better to be single than dating the wrong individual. However, one does not always screen the person they are developing feelings for beforehand to check whether they exhibit signs of a liar and cheater. It’s only later, that we think about doing so. By then, a good amount of harm has already been done. So what are the signs you should be wary of, in your partner? How do you know if he is displaying serial cheater signs? Let’s learn below.

Signs He is a Cheater

Red Flags Worth Screening and Warning Signs of a Serial Cheater

If you notice any of the following signs in your boyfriend or love interest you should know that these are signs he’s a cheater -

He’s always out
If your couch potato boyfriend is suddenly always going out to hang with his mates or going on office lunch dates, he’s probably cheating on you. Sudden changes in behavior are to be expected when a person is cheating in a relationship. The time he used to devote to you, he is now devoting to someone else and you will notice!

He’s taking longer than usual to get ready
No more Tshirt and sweatpants for him. He now takes a half hour picking out the right outfit to go out in. He carefully selects his tie and spends a good amount of time in front of the mirror. Yes, he’s cheating.

serial cheaters signs

Increased phone time (just not with you)
If your boyfriend is spending more time than he would normally with his phone, he is probably keeping up a conversation with someone he finds interesting. You know he is cheating when he changes the password on the phone and is extra careful about where he now keeps this phone. He doesn’t want to get caught!

He’s picking fights with you
If you find your guy trying to start arguments with you over petty issues, he is probably feeling trapped and guilty. He wants out and is looking for ways to break up with you. So what better, than force you to break up with him?

His keeping up with many strange women online
If he’s the type to hit “Like” on the posts of beautiful young women online that he barely knows - this should tell you something. He has a girlfriend already, but this isn’t stopping him from appreciating the dating pool available outside. Be wary, this is one among the classic telltale signs of a serial cheater.

signs of a liar and cheater

He now goes on a lot of business trips
If you notice him gone most weekends on business trips that came up last moment, he is probably on a rendezvous with his new lover. Don’t let his excuses fool you. He isn’t “working late”, he is probably out having dinner and drinks with his new squeeze.

You are having less sex than usual
Sex is an important part of a relationship, and it can be an indicator of many things, including cheating. Most couples get into a sex routine – meaning they have sex regularly. Changes in the frequency of sex can be brought on by stress, emotional problems, lack of intimacy, and cheating.

So, if you and your partner have a sex routine that suddenly changes, it could be a sign of cheating. Before you start making accusations, think if he has had any recent changes in his life that might have affected his libido. If not, there is a chance you are having less sex because your partner is intimate with someone else.

signs he's a cheater

He's in sudden need for a lot of 'personal space'
Everyone needs a breather from their partner from time to time, but like with other things in life, the balance here is key. If your partner tells you that he wants a few hours for himself it's natural and even healthy for your relationship.

However, if he starts pulling away from you regularly, and he wants to spend a lot of time on his own, it could be a sign that something is wrong; maybe he no longer wants to be with you? maybe he wants to spend time with another love interest? It is definitely worth thinking about.  

Cliché but True

Dating advice can sound extremely repetitive and boring, but they’ve been in circulation for this long because they are true. Sure they may not be right every time, but on most occasions, they will prove to be true. Don’t want to be in a relationship with a cheater? Screen your potential love interest for the above serial cheater signs.

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