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Social media is a wonderful way to easily and quickly connect with friends and other contacts digitally, sharing the latest developments in each other's life through photos or short messages. But for a (growing) number of people, social apps have another interest. Increasingly, social media platforms have become another way to cheat on their significant other, turning into playgrounds for adulterous relationships. Online communication has become so easy that it is blurring the lines of appropriate relationship boundaries and stats are showing that casual messaging cross the line into emotional affairs more and more often. In 2018, it was estimated that 10% of affairs start online. A recent study by YouGov also found that online infidelity is most common amongst men, who are three times more likely than women to use dating apps and websites for casual sex.

This goes to show there really isn’t just one single form of cheating.  Emotional cheating - otherwise called social media cheating - is very much a thing and if your partner has been engaging in emotional intimacy or graphic sexting with someone else, it is also called cheating. Apps such as Snapchat or Kik make it very simple for cheaters to indulge in provocative images and chats, and have become dedicated social media sites for cheaters. So let's delve into this phenomenon in more detail.

Social Media for Cheaters: here are a few cheater tricks used on social media

Creating a secret SM account
The regular social media sites for cheaters present an opportunity to fool others. Cheaters can create a second profile on top of their main one, to concentrate all their suspicious activities on. The main one is used to share everyday things that can be seen by others. You would not know that your partner is cheating when you see his/her social media account, as everything would look totally normal. But their secret profile can be used without your ever suspecting anything. 

This account is not visible to everyone but shared by the cheater with select people only. The hidden social media account is used by the cheater to tell the world that he/she is single and enables him/her to flirt online openly and without worry.

social media for cheaters

Enabling private browsing
Another common cheater trick is to use private browsing or the incognito mode to access social media sites and certain dating sites. This ensures no record of what a cheater has been up to is visible on their mobile phone or desktop. Social media cheaters can use the browser in private mode to freely cheat on a partner by flirting and entertaining online relationships with others.

There is no way for a partner to know this. When you browse websites in the private or incognito mode, all records are deleted the moment you close your internet session. Nothing shows up in your browsing history. So no one can know what websites you visited and what you did online. This is used by cheaters to surreptitiously visit social media accounts without anyone knowing.

Locking apps
Apps like Whatsapp and Facebook are perfect for social media cheating, as they can be locked with a password. It means no one can open the app without their consent. Secret messages and emails that a cheater doesn’t want anyone to see can be concealed this way. Locking the app prevents anyone from accessing it without his/her permission, although it can also raise suspicion. A password-protected app can look very fishy to the cheater's partner and may bring up questions. 

social media sites for cheaters

Hiding apps
We have demonstrated that social media apps can easily be used by a cheater to cheat on their partner. What facilitates the cheating even further, is that these apps can be surreptitiously hidden. Initially, phone systems allow the hiding of apps to protect personal and private information such as financial details or business secrets, in the event a device is lost or stolen. But for social media cheaters, it is also a sneaky way to keep adulterous activities out of sight.

A cheater can even act all innocent, handing out their phone or tablet for their partner to check, because they know that nothing will be visible. This is particularly deceitful as it will abate the spouse's fear and erase all suspicion, while the cheating is still going on behind their back. 

Using codes
A habitual cheater will often use codes, false names or entire fake identities. The name of the person he/she is cheating is saved in a different name within their contact list. A nickname or code is attributed to them such as "Tom from work" or "Lea Gym. This ensures no one can know who the person really is.

cheater tricks

Sending sexy and flirty DM's
When someone comments on people's social media photos, updates, and statuses, the activity can usually be seen by others. Social media cheating consists of not only flat-out flirting, but can also move further, to hidden flirting and sexting. The smart social media cheater will send DM's to the people he/she is cheating with, either from their main profile or from their fake profiles. This cheating trick can be very hard to detect, especially if the cheater logs out of their account every time they use it.

Deleting browser history
Browser history can reveal a great deal, and one thing it can definitely expose is social media cheating. Sent and received messages, posted comments and all other forms of social media interaction appear in the browser history. The full details are not always displayed, but the history can reveal who cheaters have interacted with, and how often they did it. To erase this social media cheating proof, cheaters will delete their browsing history regularly, which can be easily unveiled when going through their laptops or mobile devices.

Social Media Cheating

Not posting couple photos
Cheaters often change their behavior when they are cheating, and sometimes subconsciously so. If someone is having or planning to have a social media affair, they will most likely stop uploading photos with their significant other, which should raise alarm bells. It could mean that they do not want the person they are having an affair with to see them with their partner, or they do not want people to know they are in a relationship, so they can appear single.

What behavior can be defined as social media cheating?

Cheating used to be defined in very simple terms, from kissing a co-worker to sneaking off to a hotel room with a lover. However, in the digital age, cheating does not always have to involve physical encounters. There is a whole new world of opportunities on social media for cheaters of all kinds. From writing flirty messages to sending intimate photos, some social media habits are also forms of cheating and are certainly worth watching out for.

Apparently benign interactions such as confiding intimate thoughts in someone other than your partner or reminiscing with an ex a little too often can all be considered forms of social media cheating as well. So watch out for your own behavior and check that you are not a passive participant in social media cheating.

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