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Tricks Cheaters Use On Social Media
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Social media is extremely popular allowing you to connect to friends and others on the digital world. Social media is used even by cheaters to cheat on someone, including the one they are in a relationship with. What a person shares on social media would be seen by all, so most people think it is not possible to cheat on social media. However, social media for cheaters helps them cheat by hiding many things.

Here are a few cheater tricks that are used on social media:

They create a secret SM account
The regular social media sites for cheaters presents an opportunity to fool others. Cheaters would create a second profile on social media, a secret profile that is used to cheat on partners. The main account would be where they present a different side of themselves and share things that can be seen with others. You would not know that your partner is cheating when you see his/her social media account, as everything would look straightforward.

However, they have a second account that they maintain secretly. This account would not be visible to everyone but shared by the cheater only with select people. The hidden social media account is used by the cheater to tell the world that he/she is single and allows to flirt online and find someone else.

social media for cheaters

They use private browsing
One of the common cheater tricks while using social media, is to use private browsing or the incognito mode to access social media sites and certain dating sites. This ensures that there is no record on the mobile phone of what a person has been up to. The cheater would use the browser in private mode to cheat on a partner by flirting with others and having an online relationship with someone else.

There is no way for a partner to know this. When you browse websites in the private or incognito mode, the moment you close this mode all records is deleted. It doesn’t show up in your browsing history. So no one would one what websites your visit and what you do online. This is used by cheaters to surreptitiously visit social media accounts without anyone knowing.

They lock apps
There are various apps like Whatsapp and Facebook that are cheater tricks. The cheaters can use these apps to cheat on their partners by communicating with others. However, they can lock these apps with a password so that no one can open them without their consent. These apps would have secret messages and emails that a cheater doesn’t want anyone to see. Locking the app prevents anyone from accessing it without his/her permission.

social media sites for cheaters

They hide apps
Social media apps can be used by a cheater to cheat on a partner. These apps can be hidden on the phone so that no one knows where it is. When a partner sees an app, he/she may want to open it to check out what is there. But if the app is hidden from view, then no one would know about it. This is one of the tricks used by cheaters.

They use codes
A cheater uses codes or false names or fake identities. The name of the person he/she is cheating with would be saved in a different name or a code would be used. This ensures no one knows who the person is.

Cheaters make use of social media to cheat on their partners. They can cheat using different ways as they would be knowing various tricks. However, not only these tricks can succeed. There are ways they can be caught. Cheating may not always work out for the benefit of the cheater.

cheater tricks

They send sexy and flirty DM's
When someone comments on people's social media photos, updates, and statuses, it can often be seen by others. Social media cheating consists of not only flat out flirting, but also from hidden flirting and sexting.

The smart social media cheater will send DM's to the people he/she is cheating with, either from their main profile or from their fake profiles. This cheating trick can be very hard to detect, especially if the cheater logs out of their account after every time they log into it. 3

They delete their browser history
Browser history can reveal a great deal, and one thing it can expose is social media cheating. When messages are sent and received by other people, when comments are made, and other forms of social media interaction take place, it will appear in the browser history.

Social Media Cheating
The full details are not displayed, but the history can reveal who cheaters have interacted with, and how often they did it. To erase this social media cheating proof, cheaters will delete their browsing history regularly, which can be easily revealed when going through their laptop or mobile devices.

They no longer post couple photos
Cheaters often change their behavior when they are cheating, and sometimes they do not always notice what they are doing. If someone is having or planning to have a social media affair, they will stop uploading couple photos.

It could mean that they do not want the person they are having an affair with to see them with their partner, or they do not want people to know they are in a relationship, so they can seem single to others.