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Learn How to Get Along with Your Ex-Wife

How to stay friends with your ex-wife may be a difficult question to answer but not impossible. Nowadays, divorce rates are only growing. Many couples who were once together now find themselves separated. Keep this in mind just because you are not 'together' does not mean you can be friends and be together in the same room.

At the beginning or just after the divorce it may be really difficult to be civil or cordial towards each other. You do not need to love your ex-wife again you just need to figure out a way to like her as an individual again. Staying friends after divorce become more important when you are sharing a child.

Obviously, there will be problems and from time to time you will get on each other's nerves, That is normal in any relationship. You need to make sure that after everything said and done you are still friends with the woman you once loved and planned a lifetime.

This article will give you some after divorce tips about how to be friends with your ex-wife.

Staying Friends with my wife

Give space to one another

Everybody needs their personal space. You both have shared a life together, so it is highly likely that you will have common people, likes and dislikes, which will place both of you together. And you will end up spending time together.

The time spent together should also have a limit. You are not a couple anymore so do not expect to always do all the things that you used to do together. Parts of your ex-wife's life will be none of your business anymore.

One smart divorce tip is once you can feel that the negativity is getting too much or the argument is escalating, just leave the place. Tell your ex-wife that you need to collect your thoughts and take yourself out of that situation. The step might be hard but is extremely effective.

This lets you and she keep your emotions in check.

How to Stay Friends with my wife

Look out for each other

As any good friends would do keep in touch with each other. Be there just as a concerned friend who has her back. Do not be overprotective but be a friendly shoulder. Suppose you know that your ex-wife is sick, then ask her how she is doing. Visit her with some soup and medicines or things that would make her feel better. Just take care of them as a genuine and good friend.

Check up on each other from time to time and support them to face life. All this may be difficult without falling back to old habits. Try to build a new friendship and relationship from scratch. Supporting each other through a difficult situation like divorce that both of you are going through, is admirable.

Do things together

Go out as friends do. Go out with your common friends. Do not skip going to a party because your ex-wife might be there. You have to learn to be civilized towards each other. Learn how to be around each other in public places without attacking each other.

If you have a child together then it becomes all the more important that you stay friends with your ex-wife. Plan going out on trips or for dinner together. Some divorced parents even go on vacations with their children to make the kids feel good and develop their own friendship. Spending time together is a sign of a healthy friendship with your ex-wife.

Do not deny that you had a past. Both of you must have been through some good and bad times together, must have celebrated so many occasions together. Try not to deny those experiences, remember all of them fondly, someday maybe both of you can laugh about it as well.

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