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Tips on Identifying Weird Behavior Patterns with Your Husband

Do you see your husband acting suspiciously? Many a time a woman instinctively feels that she has a cheating husband.

Let us see why such fears are valid.

According to studies conducted by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 25% of men cheat on their wives. Obviously, ‘My husband is acting suspiciously’ is a concern that one-fourth of the married women always have.

But, the question is – who are those women who fall under this one-fourth slice of the marriage pie?

How does a woman notice and identify suspicious husband activities?

Suspicious Husband Activities
Cheating Husband Signs Every Woman Needs to Know

  • Lack of Intimacy – If you have a cheating husband, the most obvious sign is the lack of intimacy, be it kissing, hugging, and fondling. The most noticeable is the absence of or reduced action in the bedroom.
  • Texting Times – You might notice your husband texting someone long after you are asleep. When you wake up in the middle of the night and enquire who he is texting to, you will find your husband acting suspiciously by hiding his phone under his pillow and pretending to be asleep. Maybe, he is sexting another woman or setting up dates on Tinder, with you right beside him.
  • Overt Punctuality – Your husband, who has a reputation for reaching office fashionably late, suddenly becomes overtly punctual to work, maybe, reaching half an hour early than required. This should sound an alarm in your mind about suspicious husband activity. For all you know, there might be a co-worker or a fellow commuter who he wants to spend more time with.
  • Grooming – Your husband who has an ‘I don’t care for the world’ attitude, who wouldn’t care about his appearance all these years, has abruptly become conscious of how he looks. He has started to trim not only his mustache and his beard, but also ‘down under’. This certainly is grounds for suspicious husband activities.
Suspicious Husband Activities
  • Porn & Sex – In a few cases, the new affair brings about an invigorated libido. Your husband starts watching porn for long hours and starts to demand more sex from you. Beware of such sudden behavioral changes. These are surely cheating husband signs.
  • New Interests – Your husband, who hated to get out of bed before 8:00 am and exercise, now for the past few weeks has started to go on early morning runs. He insists that he wants to run alone. Or, he might take up a new hobby, such as craft or dance, which was hitherto unknown to you. This behavior is waving a red flag to show a cheating husband.
  • Bouquets or Brickbats – One of the cheating husband signs is, he either showers praises and gifts on you without a reason or, nags you and blames you for everything that is not right in life. You are actually surprised to see this new facet of your husband’s personality. Surely, guilt that he carries within his conscience is the culprit.
  • Eloquence Unlimited – Your husband attends a party alone. When you ask him how the party was, your normally monosyllabic husband gives you a detailed description of who had come or not come over, how each one was dressed, what conversations took place and so on. This eloquence, which comes from the fear that he might get caught in his indiscretions, is a cheating husband sign. Hence the need to divert your attention.

What Should You Do If You Notice These Signs?

Now, let us be realistic.

If you observe one or two of the above-mentioned signs, do not panic thinking – ‘My husband is acting suspiciously’. If you are alert and observe three or more of these signs of a cheating husband, you can avert any disastrous consequences by initiating a dialogue with him and trying to make him see reason.

According to studies, with timely intervention, patience, love, and affection a straying husband can be brought back and the family bond strengthened.

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