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20 Cheating Girlfriend Signs

Is she cheating on me? Here is how to find out!

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Cupid has its own way to strike the person and make every single thing colorful, radiant and merry. It is a desire of every guy to possess a woman who would be beautiful, caring, smart and sexy. However, none of these qualities will hold any value if the dream girl seems to be unfaithful. Here are 20 signs of understanding that your girl is cheating on you.

1. Phone calls reduced- Do you remember when you used to call for long hours at the beginning of relationships? It is considered that with passing time things tend to be normalized. However, no calls in a week or lessening of frequencies indicate the presence of the third party in her life.

2. Indirect answers- Cheaters tend to lie and it is likely that they will hover around the main answers in order to avoid the main topic. This type of action shows about their avoiding nature and it clearly indicates that there are actions going behind your back.

3. No fights- It is a peaceful environment that your girl is not fighting with you over any issues. The fact is that the person who does not care about will rarely engage themselves with any kind of problems in your life. They will try to remain detached from you thus indicating their attachment to something else.

is she cheating on me

4. Avoiding sex for a long period of time- One of the prominent signs indicating that you need to worry about a relationship. She does not need it from you because there is some other option to fulfill her desires.

5. “she” is always busy but you do not know the cause- You do not know the actual cause of what is keeping her busy. She has turned to be over mysterious and always tend to hide something.

6. She is receiving a lot of text from people you don’t know- You must be careful about some unsaved numbers texting your girl. Apart from this sometimes you can see some common names which are not familiar to you.

7. It’s no longer “we”- There was a time when every plan was made keeping in mind about “we”. Now a stage has come up when she cannot think of any “we”. The togetherness is now lacking and this is a sign that you are being replaced by someone else.

signs she is cheating on me

8. You are not in her plans- Lately, you are not being invited to her parties or you are not being asked to accompany her. If this continues for a long time, you must be aware that she has found some other point of interest in her life.

9. She will not pick up certain calls in your presence- Make yourself understand that she does not pick up the phone call in front of you because she does not want you to hear certain conversations in which she indulges. You need to figure out who she is talking to.

10. Avoiding conversations with you- It is known to all human beings that cheating is wrong. Hence, she knows that she is straying your relationship. It is likely that she would avoid looking at her own feelings. Occasionally she would avoid such conversations by shouting something out of the topic or taking it up as a fight.

11. She has started hiding her phone- Her lifestyle will be likely to be mischievous. She will be behaving like a child in front of you. She would most likely close her laptop, hide phone not because she is watching something else but because she is flirting.

is she cheating on me texting

12. The beautiful makeover- You are likely to notice her dressing pattern changes and she is giving a lot more effort in getting ready while going out without you. This is a major sign that she is trying to impress someone else.

13. The body language- Another important sign of cheating is her body language. You are likely to notice that she is more into playing up her hair, making eye contacts in any other places rather than you. She is actually trying to be flirty with others but not you.

14. She keeps secrets- There are certainly a lot of things that are going behind your back and you do not even know about it. She has a new set of friends, she might have changed her job, but you know nothing about it. The fact is that you are not given that important anymore.

15. Distraction- If she is cheating, it is likely that she is continuously distracted from you and you do not feel any kind of attachment with her anymore. Even when she is with you, it seems that she is lost somewhere else.

cheating girlfriend

16. She is no more interested in being serious- sometimes it’s ok not to think of marriage and kids. However, if your girl used to say such things earlier but they are not interested anymore now, she has certainly negative thoughts about the relationship. It is not crazy to think that ‘She is cheating on me’.

17. She is a new person- It is normal to change, however, if the change is fast and extreme with the partner, it is likely that there is some outside influence which is making her change.

18. She will put off your plans- she will try making you understand that she has other options to enjoy and thus making you insignificant.

19. She starts working late often- she uses the code of working in order to hang out with her friends. She will find an excuse in having dinner with another point of interests.

20. She accuses you of cheating- it is actually the theory of projection. This basically means that if someone is doing something wrong, she is likely to portray this on the others. Thus, if she cheats on you, she is likely to accuse you.

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