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Cheating Statistics in the State of Washington

Cheating in the state of Washington usually can be categorized into two distinct events – adultery and infidelity. Firstly, it is important that you understand the difference between these two terms. Adultery refers to the situation when you are married and despite that, you have a sexual relationship with someone else outside of your marriage. Infidelity is when you are in a monogamous relationship but not married and yet you voluntarily have sex with someone else. Both these events are considered to be cheating in a relationship.

Divorce Rates of the State of Washington

According to the record of 2012, the Washington Divorce Statistics stood at 3.4 per 1000 people. This was recorded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the later portion of the same year, the percentage had risen to 3.9 per 1000 people which made the stat 15% higher than the average for the entire country.

Washington Cheating StatisticsAt that time, Washington ranked at the 14th position among the other 44 states based on divorce. In the year 2019, the sociologists at the University of Washington made a study and revealed that there has been a spike in the rate of divorce filing recently. In the study, Washington was shown to have a divorce rate of 12.06 per 1000 people.

  • In the overall population of Washington, 11.8% of people are divorced.
  • In the total male population, 10.2 % of people are divorced.
  • In the total female population, divorced people account for 13.4%.

Marriage Rates of the State of Washington

According to reports, Washington Marriage Statistics state that on an average, men marry at the age of 29.2 and women marry at the age of 26.9.

  • In the overall population of Washington, 51% of people are married.
  • In the total male population, 51.8 % of people are married.
  • In the total female population, married people account for 51.2%.

The marriage statistics as per race in the state of Washington is given below –

  • 58.7% of Asians are married
  • 52.9% White non-Hispanic population is married
  • 52.4% of the White population is married
  • 47.7% of the Hawaiian population is married
  • 44.3% of the Hispanic population is married
  • 35.7% of the Black population is married
  • 34.2% of the Indian population is married
  • 33.5% of the people who are belonging to two or more races are married
  • 44.9% of the people belonging to other races are married
Cheating Statistics Washington

Inter-Racial Marriage Statistics for the State of Washington

The number of Washington inter-racial marriages has definitely increased over the past years with the increase in the number of people who believe in breaking stereotypes. According to a study made by Pew, among the marriages in 2010, 15% were inter-racial. Three decades ago, this rate was half of this. In 1980, only 3% of all marriages conducted in the state of Washington were inter-racial but now this rate has increased to 8%.

Social Activity of Users in the State of Washington

If you are interested in Washington social activity, then there are several things to be done like cleanup drives and tree-planting workshops. There are some places which are specially meant for veterans to volunteer. You can also get involved in the clothing and toy giveaways where you can help those who are needy. If you are someone who is looking for ways to give back, then Washington has no end to the number of things that you can do.

If you want to catch a cheater Washington has several organizations and law firms that can help you out. It is necessary to catch a cheater before he/she ruins your entire life. The rate of cheating is higher than ever before but there are measures too that you can take.

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