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Emotionally Cheating in a Relationship

Emotional cheating is a gray area in the topic of infidelity- often, what starts out as a simple friendship may become a gateway for two people to invest all their time and emotions in each other. These situations tend to get murkier when there is a partner involved, who has started feeling more insecure by the minute, despite repeated assurances that you and they are "just friends."

So, what is Emotional Cheating?

Every relationship has its own set of rules. Sometimes, these rules may get skewed with the appearance of another person in yours or your partner's life. Although there is no clear set definition of emotional cheating, and not everyone may agree to the same set of rules, there are a few pointers you could watch out for in order to determine whether you or your partner have been emotionally cheating.

What is Emotional Cheating in a Relationship
Lying about Your Extent of Closeness with Someone

If you have been hiding the extent of your relationship with another person to your partner, it is a very clear sign that there is something cooking, something you do not want your partner to know about. For example, if you have been blowing off meeting your partner for lunch dates on the pretext of work, but are meeting your friend instead, it may be time to admit that you are closer than you would like to admit you are.

Complaining about Your Partner to That Person

It is fairly normal to complain about your partner or vent about them to your friends after a fight or an argument. What is not normal, however, to constantly seek support from the same person again and again- a person who may well be interested in you. In addition, things may reach ahead when you start complaining about your partner on an almost daily basis, pointing out minuscule things that irk you.

Comparisons Between Your Partner and Someone Else

This may be completely subconscious, but if you have started comparing your partner to someone else and continue doing it, it may be time to acknowledge the fact that you are emotionally cheating them. True, everyone has some annoying qualities in them, but if you are in a headspace which makes you think "so- and- so would never do this" then it may be time to wonder whether you are happy in your relationship or not.

Emotional Cheating
Deleting Texts and Calls

If you have deleted texts and hiding the evidence of your calls with another person from your significant other, then it gets obvious that something more underhanded is at play. While everyone talks to their friends who may not be close to their significant other, hiding evidence if your conversation with another person paints the picture of a different story.

Keeping Your Partner as an Option

A part of emotional cheating also qualifies as holding on to your partner as an option, because you are not clear about your chances with the other person. Once again, this process may be subconscious. However, if you are noticing yourself doing this, it may be a good sign to back out of the relationship before things get worse.

Emotional cheating qualifies as cheating on your partner on all fronts except physical. While it is completely normal to get close to another person, what is not okay is when you have started taking your partner along for the ride, staying with them when you have subconsciously started preferring another person. In such a scenario, you should determine what it is you really want, and maybe, you will have to choose between your partner and your special friend.

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