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Exit Affair Signs in a Relationship

Exit affair is an easy and elegant way of distancing themselves from their spouse and all marital responsibility. Either of the partners can be part of an exit affair. The partner who engages in this type of an affair has an unconscious or conscious need to be caught by the spouse. They want their partner to find out about this affair as they want them to pay more attention to them so they would want them to stay. And another reason for someone to have an Exit Affair is to convey to their partner that they have cheated on them and so they should leave them or allow them to exit their unhappy relationship or marriage.

Exit Affair Signs

Signs of Exit Affair

Enlisted below are some subtle signs that your partner is engaging in exit affairs, that you might miss because you have no previous reason for suspecting your spouse. Some of the most common warning signs of exit affairs include:

  1. Unusual absence or unaccounted for absence
  2. Sudden outbursts of rage or anger that seems disproportionate or irrational to the topic or situation.
  3. Extra unaccounted for expenditure, unusual withdrawals, and missing amounts of money.
  4. Credit card purchases for items like jewelry, restaurant meals, flowers, etc.
  5. A lot of job-related to traveling that was not there before.
  6. Cannot easily answer direct and simple questions. Always takes some time to answer simple things, and easily irritated for having been questioned at all.

How Does an Exit Affair work?

To be honest extramarital affair has become a common phenomenon in modern marriages. Generally, though people who have affairs try their best to hide the fact and will deny if ever suddenly caught. For all the other types of affairs the person who is cheating does not necessarily want to end the marriage. Although when it comes to exit affair the partner who is committing infidelity actually wishes to somehow get caught. They want to subconsciously use this affair as an excuse to exit from the marriage and get relief from all their responsibility.

The person who is involved in an exit affair already believes that their marriage is no longer working or is worth fighting for. Still, they are somehow not being able to confront their partners about the problems that they are facing and about ending their already dead marriage. The affair is used as an explicit tool to end the marriage. The exit affair becomes the final nail to bury their marriage. They consciously decide to do something so unforgivable, awful and abhorrent that the partner will never be able to look past that incident, and will have no choice other than ending that marriage.

The Exit Strategy Affair

How to Deal with Exit Affair?

If you already know that your partner had an affair only so that he could escape being married to you, then he or she does not really leave you with much of a choice. Although just because your partner is willing to end your marriage, it does not mean that you are ready to end your marriage.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, remember that your partner will be much more prepared for the legal process. Hence it is vital for you to also understand the legal process of a divorce. Get yourself, reputed legal consultants, to understand how you should approach the case, and how long it might take. See the lawyers before talking to your cheating partner about getting the divorce, this will give you some time to get yourself prepared. It is natural that you are embarrassed, outraged, hurt and angry but try not to have a public outburst. Focus on your end goal and do nothing that will jeopardize that.

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