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Aaron Donald Celebrity Life

Aaron Donald, born on 23rd May 1991, is a defensive tackle in American football who plays for the Los Angeles Rams team.

In college, Donald played for Pittsburgh, where he was elected to college football's All-star All-American team. He was drafted by the Rams as the thirteenth player in the 2014 NFL Draft.


Professional Career

The 2014 season

Prior to Donald's rookie season, he signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams worth $10.13 million.

In addition, he also received a signing bonus of $5.69 million and the opportunity to extend the contract for another year.

Donald started the season on the bench but would finish it in the starting lineup. On September 7, he played for the first time in a match where he received four tackles; The week after, he made his first sack.

In October, he started a match for the first time and after that, he started all the matches until the end of the season. Donald's statistical successes this season, 48 tackles, 9.0 sacks, and two forced fumbles, was enough to give him the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and a place in the league's all-star Pro Bowl game.

Aaron Donald Background Check
The 2015 season

During the 2015 season, Donald's success continued and he was now the Ram's starter. The season got off to a good start for Donald when he got nine tackles and two sacks in the first game against division rival Seattle Seahawks.

On December 13, in a match against the Detroit Lions, Donald broke his record for sacks in a match when he made three. Donald's steady play throughout the year earned him a spot in the Pro Bowl for the second consecutive year and in the NFL 's All-Pro team.

He was also named the league's 14th best player in a leaderboard voted by the league's players.

The 2016 season

Donald continued in his next season with his successful game. During this year, however, some problems arose in the form of fines for unauthorized tackle and the like. In total, during the season he had to pay just over $80,000.

By the end of the season, Donald had put together a good season, and he ended it with 47 tackles, 8.0 sacks, two forced fumbles, and five defenses. His performance led him to the Pro Bowl for the third time and the All-Pro team for the second time.


The 2017 season

On April 12, 2017, the Rams chose to take the opportunity to extend Donald's contract by a fifth year, thus keeping him under contract until the 2018 season.

He chose not to report to training camp as well as preseason due to a dispute in a contract extension. For this, he was fined $1.4 million and because of not participating in the season's first game, he was not paid his base salary that month.

When he returned to the team the following week, without a new contract, Donald continued to play in a dominant way as before in his career. During the season he collected 41 tackles, eleven sacks, and 5 forced fumbles.

He also led the league in the PFF’scategory of pressures by a large margin, leading them to appoint him as the best pass rusher in the NFL.

At the end of the season, he has dubbed the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Also, he ranked number 7 on the 2018 NFL Top 100 Players.

Aaron Donald Public Records
Season 2018

A week before the start of the 2018 season, he signed a USD135 million contract extension for six years, with $87 million secured, keeping him under contract until the 2026 season.

The deal made him the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history but was overtaken less than 24 hours later by Khalil Mack who signed a USD141 million contract with the Chicago Bears.

Season 2019

In the eleventh round of the 2019 season, Donald was rewarded as the defender of the NFC week after recording 4 tackles, 2 sacks and a deflected pass in the victory over the Chicago Bears.

At the end of the season, he was called up for his sixth Pro Bowl and entered the First-team All-Pro after having scored 12.5 sacks.

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