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Aaron Paul Celebrity Life

Aaron Paul' (or Aaron Paul Sturtevant), born on August 27, 1979, is famous for his priceless expression caught on camera in the show "The Price Is Right." He hails from the state of Idaho.

He moved to Los Angeles after high school to enter the field of acting without formal training. Nevertheless, he got fame for his role in the television series "The Breaking Bad."

Aaron Paul is part of the anti-bullying campaign called the "Kind Campaign." As of the end of 2019, it is estimated that Aaron Paul has a net worth of nearly $20 million.
Venture in Reality TV Show:

After winning a modeling competition as a runner up, at the age of 16, in Los Angeles, Aaron Paul signed up with a manager and returned to Idaho to complete high school.

He left Idaho to move to Los Angeles and got a break with a few gigs in music videos, television commercials, and a few series (as a single episode starrer).

Aaron Paul Background Check
Recently, Aaron Paul appeared as a guest in a talk show called "The Tonight's Show with Jay Leno," wherein he revealed his participation in the show "The Price is Right."

He happened to attend a shoot for an episode of "The Price is Right," where Bob Barker was the host, with a few of his friends, in the year 2000.

He, fortunately, was asked to join the contestant's row and worked his way up to the final round.

However, he lost the game as he bid a wrong guess. The picture of him being called (courtesy: Hollywoodreporter.com) and the viral picture of his awestruck expression after he lost the final round (courtesy: Cosmopolitan and Youtube) showed how much he enjoyed the game just like a regular contestant.
However, it is claimed that nearly a decade and a half later, when he was invited as a guest in the talk show "The Late Late Show with James Cordon" to promote one of his series called "The Path."

It was during that show's shooting that Aaron Paul was given another chance to "get the prize he deserved."

This happened as the talk show is filmed in the same set as the "Price is Right."
Between "The Breaking Bad" and "The Price is Right" Aaron Paul is known for his roles in the shows "Judging Amy" and "The Big Love."
Current Milestones Achieved in Career:

Aaron Paul's role as Jesse Pinkman in the television series "The Breaking Bad" fetched him numerous nominations and a handful of awards between the years 2009 and 2013.

Though his character, Scott Quittman, in the series "The Big Love" gained him recognition, he is popularly known for his role essayed in the series "The Breaking Bad."

He is known to give immense credit to the show, "The Breaking Bad" for lifting his career and giving him the recognition he sought after.

Aaron Paul Public Records  

Despite doing some great work in movies like "The Mission Impossible: III," "Need for Speed," and "Exodus: Gods and Kings" or having given voice to numerous movies, Aaron Paul himself as well as many critics in the field state that his acting career with respect to the movies have not been as successful as his venture on the small screen.

Despite that, he anticipates his work in the movie D.I.N.O.S coming out in 2020 to be different.


While it was not known until recently about his participation in the show, "The Price Is Right," his roles for TV series and movies have given the audience (and his fans) huge expectations for more roles in the future, which may or may not include TV reality shows.

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