Adam Lambert Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Adam Lambert Background Check, Adam Lambert Public Records

Adam Lambert Celebrity Life

Adam Lambert is known for his theatrical personality and eccentric attitude. He rose to fame after being a contestant on the American hit singing show, American Idol.

He has then gone to sell 3 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.
Young Life

Adam Lambert was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His birthday is on January 29, 1982. He has a younger brother, Niel. His mother was a dental hygienist and his father was a program manager.

Sometime after his brother’s birth, they moved to San Diego, California.
Adam started performing at a young age.

When he was nine, he started performing with the Metropolitan Educational Theater Network (MET2).
In the following years, he started investing more in vocal coaching and continued to perform for the MET2. He became more involved in theater in school, performing in various plays and productions.

Adam also performed in local professional productions.
He attended California State University but decided to leave after a few weeks. He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career.

Adam Lambert Background Check

Professional Career

Adam worked many jobs before his audition for American Idol. He worked on a cruise ship for some time, but also starred in numerous plays.

He was also a part of a rock band, The Citizen Vein.
He auditioned for American Idol in 2009, during the eighth season of the show.

He blew the judges away during his audition where he sang “Rock With You” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Since then, he received much praise during the show.

Simon Cowell said that he may be too “theatrical” however Randy Jackson seemed to have enjoyed it. Later in the show, however, when Adam performed his rendition of “Mad World” Simon had complimented him with a standing ovation, which was the only one he ever did during his time on the show.

He went on to reach the finale of the show with Kris Allen, who ended up winning the competition.
Adam was one of the most memorable contestants the show has ever had. His talent did not go unrecognized because he thrived after the show.

His album “For Your Entertainment” was realized later in the year. The album debuted at number three at the Billboard 200.

Adam worked with many famous stars on the album which included people like Ryan Tedder, P!nk, Lady Gaga, and many more. His single “Whataya Want From Me” blew the charts worldwide.

He was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for the single.

Adam’s career took off after this year. He worked with more famous performers on his other albums. He also made guest performances in shows like Pretty Little Liar and Glee.

In 2014, Adam started touring with Roger Taylor and Brian May. Queen + Adam Lambert was named Band of the Year in the annual Classic Rock Roll of Honor Awards.

He continued to tour with the Queen for quite some time and performed in many shows and awards show alongside them.

Adam Lambert Public Records  
Media Issues

During his time in American idol, some pictures had leaked of Adam kissing another man. A show called The O’Reilly Factor had surfaced released the pictures, calling them ‘embarrassing”.

Mainstream media suspects that this may be the reason for him not winning the show as Americans may not have been too keen to vote for a gay performer.

After the show was over, he openly came out that he was gay during a Rolling Stones interview.

Lambert also received some backlash during his performance at the American Music Awards of 2009. He performed his song “For Your Entertainment”.

During the performance, Lambert kissed the male bassist and grabbed the crotch of another. During his Rolling Stones interview, he stated that women in the industry do things like this all the time.

However, as soon as a man does it, he receives criticism. He claimed he was a risk-taker and believes that people should have a more open mind about it.

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