Ahmad Bradshaw Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Sheila A.

Ahmad Bradshaw Background Check, Ahmad Bradshaw Public Records

Ahmad Bradshaw Celebrity Life

Ahmad Bradshaw plays for the New York Giants at the running back position. He was born on 19th March 1986 in Virginia and attended Graham High School.

While in the school, Ahmad Bradshaw actively played football and participated in sprints and long jumps.

 As a New York Giants teammate positioned as running back, Bradshaw has two Super Bowl wins to his credit, wherein his performance was applauded by football fans around the country.

Early Career

To begin his football career, Ahmad Bradshaw enrolled in Marshall University where he started attending football practice sessions, regularly.

His freshman season began in 2004 with Marshall Thundering Herd, and he rushed really well with an overall of 133 yards by the end of the season.

Ahmad Bradshaw Background Check
As a sophomore in 2005, Bradshaw again pulled up his career-best performance with 187 yards rush, 2 touchdowns on 8 receptions. His 56-yard long run established his presence as a remarkable runner back in the team.

For the year 2006, Bradshaw in his junior season successfully piled on a huge score. His massive 1523 yards rush, 19 touchdowns, and 129 receiving further solidified his position as one of best runner backs of any season at the college level football.

NFL Performance

Drafted by New York Giants, Ahmad Bradshaw made few initials fumbles during his maiden game starting year 2007.

However, after his brief break and eventual return against Minnesota Vikings, Bradshaw pulled up another career-best performance with 151 yards rush and around 17 carryforwards.


Then, against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, Bradshaw made a recognizable contribution in his team’s win in the finals against New England Patriots.

From 2008 till 2010, Bradshaw went through frequent position changes, yet kept performing consistently on the field; piling on 1235 rushing yards and 8 rushing touchdowns.

Commencing 2012, things started to improve for Ahmad Bradshaw and he signed a four-year deal with the New York Giants and rushed for 3 and 9 crucial touchdowns, respectively, and leading the Giants to victory.

In the Super Bowl XLVI against New England Patriots, Bradshaw managed to score a crucial touchdown which helped the Giants win the game and lift the Super Bowl title for the year.

In the last year during 2012, Ahmad once again created ripples with his performance by piling on 1000 plus rushing yards, 221 rush attempts, and 6 touchdowns. His contributions were always hailed by the Giants in each win against the opponents.

Ahmad Bradshaw Public Records  
Ahmad Bradshaw started his stint with Indianapolis Colts as well during the NFL draft in 2013. However, his team shift was marred by a neck injury which forced him to stay out of the game.

On his return, he managed to keep his scores and rushes consistent but went out of the game once again due to wrist injury.

On an unfortunate note, Bradshaw faced some legal troubles too. He was fined and arrested by police for drunken driving and was also charged for two misdemeanors.

Personal Life & Recognitions

Ahmad Bradshaw hailed from Bluefield in Virginia. He was born to Mr. James Bradshaw and Diana Davis while they encouraged him to play football in his high school years.

Bradshaw was an exceptional athlete from the very start of his sporting journey.

He managed to run quite well in sprints; pulled on tremendous performances, completing 55 meters sprint in 6.75 seconds and 100 meters in 11.34 seconds.

Bradshaw even created the best scores in long jumps and was known to be an emerging all-round sports performer in his high school.

He was touted as USA Player of the year and also earned first-team all-conference USA honor, during the college football seasons.

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