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by Sheila A.

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Al Zarilla Celebrity Life

Al Zarilla, also known as Allen Lee Zarilla was born on 1st May 1919. A professional baseball player in the United States of America, Zarilla was also a baseball coach and a scout. He participated in MLB or Major League Baseball for 10 years (1943 to 1953) as an outfielder.

His most outstanding games had been when he was a team member of the MLB franchise St. Louis Brown and won a pennant in the American League in 1944.
Zarilla had also been a member of teams like the Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox. He played mostly as a right fielder for these teams then. Zarilla passed away on 18th August 1996. The former baseball player threw right-handed and batted left-handed. He weighed 82 kg (180 pounds) and stood at 5 feet and 11 inches.

Al Zarilla Background Check

Career in Baseball

Born in the city of Los Angeles in California, Zarilla was a solid outfielder. He was a line-drive hitter and had a very strong arm. As mentioned on the outset, this former player began his career in the major league with the team St. Louis Browns in the year 1943. Zarilla joined the military for some time and resumed playing for the MLB in 1946.

The player was seen in as many as 10 seasons in MLB where he played partially or completes games for the franchise St. Louis Browns between 1943 to 1944 and then from 1946 to 49 and finally in 1952. Zarilla was a part of the Boston Red Sox from 1949 to 1950 and 1952 to 1953. Lastly, he had also played for the Chicago White Sox from 1951 to 1952 mostly in the capacity of a right fielder.

However, his most productive and prominent season was in 1948. It was a season when Zarilla posted his career-high performances with an average of .329 and was ranked 4th in the American League. He also had 174 hits, 12 home runs, 39 doubles, 144 games, and 11 stolen bases.

He had a score of 77 runs including 74 RBI while making his appearance only once in the All-Star Game. He played 124 games with a hot of .281 for the new team. The same year though, his team sent him to the Boston Red Sox.

Zarilla had another good season in his kitty in 1950 with an average of .325 and was 5th in the American League.
On 10th December 1950, the Boston Red Sox traded him with other players like Dick Littlefield and Joe Dobson for Ray Scarborough and Bill Wight to the Chicago White Sox.

Al Zarilla Public Records
The player teamed up with Gus Zernial in 1951 and was the only 2 players whose surnames began with “Z” who played as a team in the same outfield. While Zernial played in the left field, Zarilla used to be in the right-field respectively in four games as an outfield unit of the White Sox. The team traded him to the Philadelphia A’s after the end of April that year.

During his 10-season career at the Major Baseball League, this famous player had a batting average of .276 including 456 RBI and 61 home runs from his 1120 games.

Zarilla posted an overall fielding percentage of .974 from all his 3 outfield positions. He split his playing time in 1952 and played for Red Sox, Browns, and White Sox then. Zarilla played his last game in the major league when he was 34-year-old in the season of 1953 with Boston.

Zarilla also scouted for several teams in MLB after the end of his playing career. He spent a season of 1971 as a coach of Ted Williams, his old teammate. Thereafter, he serves as the manager of the team Washington Senators. He was 77-year-old at the time of his death in Honolulu in Hawaii.

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