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Alex Len Celebrity Life

Oleksiy Alex Len is a professional player of basketball from Ukraine. He plays for the team of Atlanta Hawks of NBA. Just prior to getting drafted, Alex played two continuous seasons for the team of Maryland Terrapins. He also played with Dnipro for one season.

Early life

Alex was born in Luhansk in Ukraine. His mother’s name is Yulia. During his childhood days, he participated in various acts of gymnastics and was also fond of movies of Jackie Chan.

When he practiced gymnastics, he was trained by Stepanenko who is well known for training the gold medalist of Olympics Ihor Korobchynskyi. Alex started his career in basketball when was 13 years old. He completed his studies from Dnipropetrovsk College in Ukraine.

 Len played for the national basketball team of Ukraine at FIBA Under 16 Championship in 2009 and FIBA Under Championship in 2010. In the tournament of 2010, Alex was the fourth-best scorer, the best blocker of shots and also the best rebounder in the second position.

Right after the tournament, Alex decides of joining Dnipro of the Basketball Super League of Ukraine in the season of 2010-2011.

Alex Len Background Check

College career

Alex was selected by Spinelli who was the assistant basketball coach of Maryland. Alex Len started off his career in the second year of college on the 9th of November 2012 with Kentucky Wildcats as the opponent. The tournament was played at Barclays Center which is situated in Brooklyn. On 16th January 2013, Alex finished up with 10 points along with 6 rebounds.

Professional career

On the 14th of April 2013, Alex was drafted for NBA Draft and he was even declared as the best pick of the draft. But, on 3rd May 2013, he had to undergo surgery on his ankle and thus he was out of the game for approx 6 months.

He was then picked by the Phoenix Suns in the NBA draft of 2013. He was the 2nd international basketball player who got selected in the NBA draft after Anthony Bennett. He was also the highest-scoring basketball player from Ukraine who got drafted in NBA.


Alex signed his contract with Phoenix Suns on the 29th of August 2013. He made his debut in NBA on the 1st of November 2013. But, right after his first game, he injured his ankle again and sat down for six weeks again.

He returned on the 7th of January right against the team of Chicago Bulls. In the year 2014, he again joined the Suns for the Summer League of 2014.

In the season of 2016-2017, he started the season with a score of 0-4 and helped his team to record the first win on 2nd November along with 18 points and score of 118-115 against the team of Portland Trail Blazers.

Alex Len Public Records
On 3rd August 2018, Alex signed a contract of two years which amounted to $8.5 million with the team of Atlanta Hawks. By the end of December 2018, he scored 17 rebounds along with 15 points with a winning point of 98-95 against the team of Detroit Pistons.

National career

Alex started his national career with the under 16 team of Ukraine during the FIBA Under 16 Championship of 2009. He gave an outstanding performance which consisted of an outing of 20 points with Israel as the opponent, an average of 8.0 points, 1.6 assists and rebounds of 4.8. He was even selected as the second-best blocker of shots.


Alex along with his mother Yulia, launched Len-d Hand Foundation in the year 2015 which is a charity for helping the youths of Phoenix along with Arizona and various other surrounding places. He also has a sister named Anna.

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