Alex Mack Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Alex Mack Celebrity Life

Alex Mack is an active NFL player who currently plays football for the Atlanta Falcons since 2016.

He plays the role of an offensive lineman and he played a significant role, after his first draft when he started blocking for Trent Richardson, the runner back, while he was a rookie.

Alex Mack’s Early Life and Childhood

Javon Alexander Mack was born to Cheryl and Steve Mack on the 19th of November 1985, in Los Angeles California. He grew up in a fairly comfortable situation with a small family.

His love for football was shone as he was growing up and he started playing when he entered high school.
Alex Mack’s Football Life in High School

Alex went to San Marcos High School, which was in Santa Barabra, he quickly started playing for the school team and was even named the C-Most Valuable Player in the defense teak by the Channel League, which won him the First Team All-League.

He wasn’t just a star athlete, he was killing it with his academics too, with a GPA of 4.2 and an SAT score of 1180, Mack was ranked a 2-star candidate by 

Alex Mack Background Check

Along with his academics and football, Alex also wrestled with his high school wrestling team, the Royals, where he reached the state finals.

In fact, he was a CIF champion, both in his senior and junior year of high school.

By the time he was done with high school, he was offered a seat at Northwestern, Stanford, and University of California, Berkeley. He eventually picked Berkeley University over the rest, for college.

Alex Mack in College

Alex went to the University of California, Berkeley for college, where he began to play for the Golden Bears, which was the university’s football team.

He showed immense talent while he was in college and started 39 games, where he administered 256 key knockdowns and blocks. 
While he was in University, he maintained a 3.61 GPA and was also pursuing legal studies as his major. He finished his senior year in 2008 and even played that season as a student who had graduated. 
He managed to win the Academic Heisman award, AKA the Draddy Trophy in 2008. He was the first football player to earn that trophy. Mack even represented Berkeley at Senior Bowl in 2009.
Alex Mack’s Professional Career

In the 2009 NFL draft, Mack was considered to be the highest-ranking center who was available at the time. Sports Illustrated projected Mack as a first-to-second rounder and he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

Alex Mack Public Records

Alex Mack with the Cleveland Browns

He got signed on with the Cleveland Browns with a five-year contract in 2009 and started every offensive line. He was selected as the center in the All-Rookie team at the end of the first regular season.

In his second year, 2010, Alex started every game that NFL season. He showed tremendous sportsmanship when he played despite his injuries and had a great career with the Browns.

In 2014, Jacksonville Jaguars offered him a $42 million contract worth five years, which the Browns matched. In 2016, Alex voided his contract and caught that window to be a free agent after his injuries and not being able to play in 2014.

Alex and the Atlanta Falcons

That same year, Alex signed a $45 million contract for five years with the Atlanta Falcons. While he’s been with the Falcons, Alex was named for the 5th and 6th Pro Bowl.

Alex Mack’s Awards
  • He’s won 6 Pro Bowl in his career
  • He came to second-team All-Pro three times
  • He won the NFL 2010s All-Decade team
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