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Alia Shawkat Background Check, Alia Shawkat Public Records

Alia Shawkat Celebrity Life

Alia Shawkat an actor cum artist, who got famous from her role of Maeby Fünke in Fox's critically acclaimed sitcom Arrested Development, which later aired on popular streaming platform Netflix comes from a small resort city of Palm Springs. Deemed as her big break the show lasted for three seasons, only to become a clique after which it was dropped in 2006.

As a kid, she always dreamt of getting out of what she describes as a "slow, suburban town" and a "chill place to grow up".

 A dream that came true at a young age of fourteen with her stint with Fox networks. Since then, Alia has featured in films ranging from Whip It to Green Room. Presently, she plays the lead in TBS sarcastic, black comedy series Search Party as Dory Stewart.

Additionally, she won the TV Land Award in 2004 and the Young Artist Award in 2005.

Alia Shawkat Background Check
Early Life

Reviewing her early life, Alia was born to Dina and Tony Shawkat in Riverside, California, and was raised in the neighboring Palm Springs. As her mother had an Irish-Norwegian background and her father a Kurdish, she identifies with a mixed (Iraqi, Norwegian, Irish, and Sicilian) ethnicity, and has two brothers.

Since her father and maternal grandfather (Paul Burke) were both on-screen characters, she started her vocation from the early age of 11 in ABC Family series the State of Grace. She studied Mathematics, English, Physics, Geography, and Drama whenever she had the time at Rancho Mirage School.

Personal Life

As far as her personal life goes, Alia is currently single. However, she has had three relationships in the past with Michael Cera, Jack Antonoff, and Michael Angarano. She came out as bisexual in a 2017 interview with Out magazine where she mentioned her conversation as a kid with her mother.

As a 10-year-old she was confused when asked who is she attracted to boys or girls? She went on to mention that balancing these "male and female energies" has defined her growth as an actor.



While Alia has Arrested Development to thank for pushing her to fame, once the show aired its first season, the actress found herself unable to book additional roles. She was only 17 at the time.

As opposed to sitting idly, she started painting at the advice of her boyfriend who provided her with a canvas. She quickly discerned that it was much more than just a hobby; it became her safe haven. As of late, she displayed her art, a progression of line drawings of Donald Trump at a gathering appear in Los Angeles.

Not unlike many American public figures, Alia is still attempting to make sense of contemporary politics. Her Twitter page uncovers some of her most apprehensive concerns: immigration, Palestine, abortion, rape.

Alia Shawkat Public Records  

Her upbringing also supplements the content of her TV show that is currently in works. In spite of the fact that Alia comprehends her parents' running a strip club as a way to earn a living, she still harbors some resentment towards her father. She clarifies the same, mentioning that she is close to her father but him owning a strip club makes her feel skeptical about his thoughts on her sexuality.

Career Path

Apart from her work on television, Alia has likewise taken to accomplishing her passion as a writer. She featured in the movie Duck Butter, which she herself wrote. The film premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. Being a part of the entertainment industry has paid off handsomely for Alia.

According to online reports, her estimated net worth is said to be $4 million. Far from being yet another 'It girl', this former child actress found her true calling in movies of the indie variety. Alia Shawkat is here to stay for a long time.

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