Alterraun Verner Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Sheila A.

Alterraun Verner Background Check, Alterraun Verner Public Records

Alterraun Verner Celebrity Life

Early Life

Bron as Alterraun Ennis Verner, this football cornerback was born in the year 1988 in Orange, America. His passion for playing football started during his early school years when he went to Mayfair High School in California.

He was a pro in playing defensive back, linebacker, and wide receiver receiving multiple honors the best of which was to play under the great coach Andrew Slome.

 Besides football, he was also versatile in other sports such as high jump, long jump and relay races winning medals and applauds.

Those focusing their attention on sports mostly give up on studies but Verner was different.

He had excellent academic records and even tutored his football teammates.
He attended UCLA and once again excellent in his football game securing multiple awards and honors.


As kids, every one of us loves to play video games and Alterraun Verner was no different. Being an avid fan of video games, Verner felt elated playing Madden football.

He normally selected the Tennessee Titans, not because of their ranks or achievements but simply because he thought they had the best uniform in NFL.

Alterraun Verner Background Check
Such are our thoughts during childhood days! But this craziness turned into a reality when Verner was signed up to play for the Tennessee Titans in the NFL draft (2010).

Verner had landed upon his first contract which was for four full years with the Titans. Since then, there was no looking back to this young achiever who played his first professional game against Oakland Raiders.

Verner inspired to be a starting cornerback and during the initial days of the game, he was made the third cornerback which was not bad, isn’t it?

Alterraun Verner successfully completed his rookie season with commendable statistics in combined tackles, pass deflections, and starts.


Though 2011 saw no changes in Verner’s position as a cornerback it was in 2012 that his dreams were fulfilled. He was designated as a starting cornerback by the head coach along with another excellent player, McCourty.

Though Alterraun continued smashing his own performances doing better with every game played it was rather saddening for this young chap- the Tennessee Titans lost their chances to qualify for the playoffs not for once or twice but three times consecutively.

But personal records do matter and it was in December 2013 that Verner was voted to the Pro Bowl (2014). It was a moment of pride for the Titans as he was the first Titan to qualify for the 2014 Pro Bowl since the year 2010.

Disagreements and unsettlement ended the agreement between Titans and Verner who went on to sign a contract with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2014.

Alterraun Verner Public Records  
As wished, Verner was elected as a starting cornerback in the 2014 and 2015 season. But unfortunately, he was demoted after a couple of games in the 2015 season and successively in the 2016 season as well.

The Buccaneers released Verner in 2017 even before the contract term ended after paying his clearance amount.

But the renowned football player was immediately signed by the Miami Dolphins for a one year period playing as a fourth cornerback. It was in 2019 that Verner announced his retirement from the NFL.

It must be noted here that Alterraun Verner retired in style signing a one-day contract with the Tennessee Titans-his debut team-which selected him in 2010.

Verner was lucky and pleased to start and end his career with his most-favorite football team!


Though Verner did not win one, he was named as a finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award. He was also selected as a second-team All-Pro and All-Pac-10.

Verner was also named the Pac-10 Freshman of the Year in 2006. It must be mentioned here that he finished his career at an overall rank of 202 and an overall score of 84 at the CB position.

Personal Life

This veteran football player lives with his wife and three charming kids in Los Angeles.

A great teacher, Verner thinks about taking up teaching as a profession and this should be a cakewalk indeed for him given his scores and grades.

Coaching is also in his mind but whatever might be his choice we wish him good luck in his endeavors.

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