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by Eddie V.

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Andrew Hawkins Celebrity Life

Have you ever feared waking up feeling saturated at work and you don’t know what to do next? And then you spend the whole afternoon sipping on black coffee or tea, making a list of your strengths and weakness and even your college degrees to see where else can you fit?

If you know what I am talking about then here’s your man to draw inspiration from! Andrew Hawkins is an example of a person who never stopped working on himself!
A True Underdog Story

Back in his college days after finishing the last match at the University of Toledo, Hawkins was still contemplating a career in football.

He was a small guy from a small town with small stats- weighing just about 161 pounds. But despite the odds, he decided to go for it!

With no agent by his side, Hawkins decided to be his own agent. He faked an email posing as the assistant coach from Toledo and managed to get himself a team. Now that he was in, his next challenge was to be noticed by the scouts given his small stats.

 Andrew Hawkins Background Check
It was time to get creative again. With clay in his heels and two and a half-pound weight each in his pockets, Hawkins went on from a 5’6 inch, 161-pound guy to a 5’8 inch, 182 pounds on paper. But that still didn’t get him a seat!

Hawkins decided to go back to Toledo to graduate. As an assistant coach to a football team, he was learning NFL teams scout college players.

Putting up with his friends, sleeping on their couches, Hawkins was figuring out his next move. He participated in a reality TV show with Michael Irvin that could get him a spot at Dallas Cowboys.
But he ended up as a runner-up. While that door closed on him, another opened. This lead to the Canadian Football League. He went on to win his first touchdown in 2009. From here, there was no stopping Andrew Hawkins!

In 2011, Hawkins signed up at the NFL with St. Louis Rams but was waived on August 1, 2011. Cincinnati Bengals claimed the waiver, and he debuted for the team on August 21, 2011.

His spectacular performance earned him a fan base, and he was called the ‘Baby Hawk’.

Hawkins went on to sign Cleveland Browns in 2014. In his first season, he led the team with 63 catches for 824 yards (0.75 km), two touchdowns. His stellar performance made him a household name.

Shortly after partnering with New England Patriots, Hawkins announced his retirement in 2017.

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Now, What's Next?

Hawkins knows how to seize an opportunity and not let it slip away. While still playing professionally, Hawkins interned with Uninterrupted- a digital sports media platform only to learn the business of sports digital media.

After showing his value to the management, Hawkins went on to take the role of director of business development an executive and host of Sports Center for ESPN!

A Footballer With A Cause

It was December 14, 2014. Footballer Andrew Hawkins walked onto the field wearing a black shirt with white fonts. They were words of protest against two local tragedies.

He had the attention of thousands, and he thought this was his best chance to register his protest. The words read ‘Justice for Tamir Rice, John Crawford’.

Two incidents were not new to America. 12-year-old Tamir Rice shot dead while playing with a BB gun. John Crawford killed in Cincinnati’s Walmart while checking out a gun.

Hawkins is among the very few courageous athletes who openly speak about police brutality against Afro-Americans. This show of dissent particularly stood out for Andrew Hawkins.

How many times in history have we witnessed the rich, famous, and powerful take a stand in public?

This was his proud moment as a footballer that had nothing to do with football! Perhaps also the most important thing he has done in his career!

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