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Arnold Palmer Celebrity Life

Born on the 10th of September 1929, Arnold Daniel Palmer was a professional golfer from America who was regarded to be one of the most charismatic players in the history of the sport of golf.

His nickname “The King” as a result of his numerous wins across several PGA tour championships. He was regarded to be the greatest star when the sports started broadcasting on television around the 1955s.
Arnold Palmer was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He learned his talent and art for the sport of golf from his father who was the greenskeeper and heads professional of the Latrobe County Club.

Due to his father’s profession, Arnold got to play and maintain the different courses of the golf club regularly which helped to sharpen his sports skills.

In the year 1955, Arnold Palmer debuted as a rookie in the world of golf and won his first tour in the Canadian Open. His wins earned him $2,400 for that season.

The charisma and the dedication with which Palmer used to play golf was highly popularized due to the television screening of his games across homes in America. The 1958 Master tournament win was the first major win that helped him to earn $11,250.

Arnold Palmer Background Check

Some of the major championships that Arnold Palmer won throughout his career as a professional golfer include:

  • Masters Tournament of 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964
  • The Open Championships of 1961 and 1962
  • U.S. Open of 1960
The prime of Arnold Palmer’s career was between 1960-1963 when he won 29 PGA Tour events. He also won five major tournaments during that span of four seasons. He received the “Sportsman of the Year Award” at Sports Illustrated magazine and also received the Hickok Belt for athlete of the year in 1960.

By the year 1967, due to the many games, winnings, and popularity of Arnold Palmer he became the first man to achieve $1 million on PGA Tours as career earnings.
Arnold Palmer took part and won the World Match Play Championship games that were held in England. This championship was primarily organized by McCormack to showcase the talents of all the different players that he had signed up. Even after Palmer retired from his golfing career, he continued to be one of the top-earning players due to his popularity with the public and the many sponsors that he had.

In the year 2004, Arnold Palmer completed his 50th consecutive appearance at the Masters Tournament. This was the last time he appeared for this category of the tournament as well. From the year 2007, Palmer retired as a professional golf player and began to be associated with the golf business and the automotive business instead.

Arnold Palmer Public Records  
Throughout his professional career as a golfer, Arnold Palmer smoked a lot of cigarettes which caused him to become addicted to nicotine. For him, throughout his life, it was a constant battle to get rid of this bad habit and addiction that he had developed for the substance.

He was encouraged at the beginning of his career as many of his colleagues smoked and endorsed nicotine-based products. Once, he realized how harmful his addiction was, Palmer, re-evaluated his actions and began to quit smoking and urged the public and his fans to do the same by making them aware of the harm that it does to one’s body.

Arnold Palmer passed away on the 25th of September 2016 due to cardiovascular disease. He was admitted to receive heart surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center right before his death.

His contribution to the sport of golf, his established hospitals, children’s centers, and charities are all remembered even till today. There are also several tributes and memorials in his name.

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