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Bacon Dwayne, Background Check Bacon Dwayne

Background Check and Information: Bacon Dwayne

Born on 30th August 1995, Dwayne Lee Bacon a renowned professional basketball player in America. At present, he plays for a team called Charlotte Hornets of the NBA or National Basketball Association. Bacon also played basketball in the college for Florida State and plays as a small forward.

Bacon's high school career

Bacon did his schooling from McKeel Academy located in Lakeland Florida. Thereafter, the player was transferred to the IMG Academy situated in Bradenton Florida during his junior season. Bacon had an average of 7 rebounds, 3 steals, and 23 points as a sophomore at McKeel Academy in 2012 to 2013.


For his senior season, the player took a transfer to the Oak Hill Academy. Bacon made a commitment to Florida State on 5th September 2014, which he preferred over offers from Auburn, Georgia Tech, and Oklahoma State. Bacon led his team Oak Hill and had a regular season without any defeats while he was at Oak Hill in his senior year. He was also a part of the Showtime Ballers AAU program, which is based in Orlando. He played her for 3 consecutive seasons. ESPN 100 gave him the 14th rank that season.

Bacon Dwayne Background Check

The college career of Bacon

On 5th September 2015, Bacon entered into a contract with Florida State. Bacon was a freshman here when CBS Sports awarded him the National Freshman of the week on 221st November. The player was seen in all games in the 2015-16 season and had an average of 5.8 rebounds and 15.8 points in each game. Bacon declared on 23rd March through Twitter that he would be testing the status of his draft for the NBA Draft 2016. However, he did not recruit any agent, as well as, continued with his amateur playing status along with the ability to return to his team Florida State during the 2016-17 playing season. O 28th MArch though, the player announced his intention to resume college.

Bacon in his sophomore season was included as the All-ACC 2nd team member that season for his contribution to Florida State. Once the team got eliminated from the NCAA Tournament 2017, the player declared for the NBA Draft of 2017. He also committed to hiring an agent soon.


Professional career of Bacon

The north Orleans Pelicans chose Bacon on 22nd June 2017. He was the fortieth overall pick in the NBA draft of 2017. Later on, he was traded to the team Charlotte Hornets. He entered into an agreement with the Hornets on 6th July 2017. The player played his debut game for NBA on 18th October 2017. On 3rd November 2017, he played his career-high game scoring 18 points where the opposition team was San Antonio Spurs.

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Personal details of Bacon

The player is known to be a bachelor as on date. At present, Bacon under a three-year contract with the Charlotte Hornets Team for an amount of $3,812,377. Bacon's base salary is reported to be of $1,378,242 in 2018-19. Also, his overall career earning at the NBA is supposed to be $2,193,857.

Bacon weighs 100kg and stands 6 feet and 6 inches. The player has posted many pictures on Instagram of a baby whom many believe is his son. Bacon though has never divulged about the identity of the child's mother. Currently, he does not appear to be in a relationship. The 3-year-old basketball player is concentrating on his career in the NBA and seems to be enjoying the experience thoroughly. The player was born to Kennie Crawford and Dwayne Bacon Sr. While he was enrolled in McKell Academy in the beginning, Bacon was later transferred to the IMG Academy, Florida later on.

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