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Barry Zito Celebrity Life

Barry William Zito or Barry Zito is an American baseball professional. He plays as a pitcher and is also a musician. He was born on May 13th, 1978. He has featured for the MLB outfits like San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics. He had a special pitching technique of curveball, cutter-slider, and more.
College life and career as a baseball player

Zito went to the University of California, Pierce College in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. He got drafted thrice in his college time. He entered into the Athletics during the MLB draft of 1999. After one year of playing time, he got his break into the Major League.

He came 5th in the vote for Rookie of the Year in the American League. His performances went down at the start of 2001 season but it showed significant improvement in the following months. He completed the year with an 11-1 record for the last 2 months.

Barry Zito Background Check
He led the team to victory on 23 occasions and lost just 5, winning the Cy Young Award. Although he had a comparatively lower record of 14-12, he was picked to the team of All-Stars for the 2nd successive season. The 2004 season was one of the worst of his career as he went 11-11.

He had a career-best ERA of 4.48. He started for the Oakland outfit on the first day of 2005 season and came 5th in overall rankings of the American League with 171 strikeouts. He was again picked to the team of All-Stars in 2006 and had a record of 15-1.
After completing 7 seasons with the Athletics, he signed a 7-year contract for the Giants in December of 2006. It was the biggest contract offered to a pitcher of that time. He completed wins in tens during his first 3 years.

He guided the San Francisco outfit to succeed in the Championship in 2010, ending their long drought since 1954. He struggled in the final month of the season and was omitted from the postseason team.

He was sidelined for the most part of 2011 as a result of an ankle and foot injury. He returned in 2012 and performed impressively with a 15-8 record. This was also his best season for the Giants. In that season, he guided them to their 2nd World Series success. He went 2-0 alongside 1.69 ERA from three starts in the postseason.

During his first start in a World Series, he came out victorious against Justin Verlander and led the San Francisco team to 7th World Series success in history.

Barry Zito Public Records

Although his performances disappointed the following year, he got a standing ovation as he played the final match for the Giants. After one year, he became a free agent. He went into philanthropic deeds and established Strikeouts, a non-profit organization that helps boost the morale of troops that suffered injuries and helping the families of injured troops.


Zito along with Mulder and Hudson became famous as "Big Three.” From the trio, Zito was the only person with a Cy Young Award and produced the biggest single-season win tally. Zito had a winning percentage of .618 which stood at 10th in the history of Athletics.

He occupies 7th in terms of strikeouts every 9 innings pitched with 6.896, 8th in terms of strikeouts with a total of 1,096. He also started 222 matches which rank 10th.

Zito had a less memorable regular-season action as he made 63-80 and 4.62 ERA. He enjoyed more success in the playoffs. The team succeeded in the playoffs in 2010 for the first time after 1954. He eventually led the team to more success in 2012, winning the 2nd World title from 3 years.

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