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by Sheila A.

Ben Simmons Background Check, Ben Simmons Public Records

Ben Simmons Celebrity Life

Ben Simmons, born on 20th July 20, 1996, in Melbourne, Australia is an Australian basketball player who currently plays for NBA in Philadelphia Seventy Sixers, as well as for the national team of Australia. Simmons was selected in the 2016 NBA Draft at number one. In addition to the Australian, he also has American citizenship.

 University Speeches

Simmons made his debut for FCL in the NCAA Championship on November 13, 2015, in a match against McNeish State. In his first game at the university level, Ben came out in the starting lineup and made a double-double, gaining 11 points and making 13 rebounds. With his help, LSS began the season with a score of 3-0, but on November 23, they lost to Marquette.

In a match against North Florida on December 2, Simmons scored 43 points and made 14 rebounds, 7 assists, 5 interceptions, and 3 block shots, and helped the Tigers interrupt the three-match losing streak.

Ben Simmons Background Check
On February 11, Ben was included in the list of 35 players claiming Naismith’s prize. Nine days later, the LSS leadership removed Simmons from the starting lineup of the team in a match with Tennessee for academic reasons. On March 21, 2016, Simmons announced that he was not going to spend the remaining three years at the university and plans to run for the NBA draft.

Professional Career

Philadelphia Seventy Sixers (since 2016)

Ben Simmons was selected in the 2016 NBA Draft under the common first number by the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers club. Already on July 3, he signed a rookie contract with the team and as part of the Sixers, took part in the 2016 NBA Summer League. In the first three games of the tournament, Simmons showed an extremely low percentage of shots from the game, but observers noted his good vision of the site and the ability to give passes.

 On September 30, 2016, during pre-season training, Simmons twisted his ankle and suffered a fracture and was advised bed rest for three to four months.

Since the beginning of September 2017, Simmons began working in a training camp, and also announced 100% readiness for the new season. Despite his preparation, physical data and a vision of the site, the player was not considered as the best rookie of the season.

In an official match, Simmons made his debut for the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers on October 18, 2017, in the opening game of the 2017-18 season against Washington Wizards. The player scored 18 points (7 of 15 shots from the game), made 10 rebounds, gave 5 assists, made 2 interceptions and 1 block shot.

Ben Simmons Public Records  
In his third NBA game against Toronto Raptors, Simmons scored 18 points and made 10 rebounds and 8 assists, becoming the second player in the NBA history after Oscar Robertson, On October 23, in the 4th NBA game in his career against the Detroit Pistons, Simmons made a triple-double (21 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists), becoming the third player in history to succeed in making a triple-double in one of his first 4 games after Oscar Robertson (1960) and Art Williams (1967).

National team appearances

In June 2013, Simmons took part in the training camp of the Australian national basketball team, after which he took part in the 2013 Oceania Basketball Championship. In two matches against New Zealand, he scored a total of four points, and his team became the champion.

In July 2014, Simmons joined the expanded team for the preparation for the 2014 World Basketball Championship. However, he failed to get into the final team. In August 2015, Simmons announced that he would like to represent Australia at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio and that he was going to win a medal there.

In April 2016, Simmons announced that he would not perform at the 2016 Games, as he intended to better prepare for his debut season in the NBA. In October 2017, Ben announced that he would like to play for Australia at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

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