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Ben Zobrist Celebrity Life

Benjamin Thomas Zobrist or Ben Zobrist is a baseball professional from America. He plays as an outfielder and second baseman. He is currently a free agent, though he has featured for teams in the MLB such as Tampa Bay Devil Rays or Rays, Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, and Oakland Athletics.

He has appeared in 3 different World Series out of which he won the final two consecutively in 2015 and 2016.
He won the first one with the Kansas City Royals and the second with the Chicago Cubs. He was recognized for his performances as he won the MVP award for the 2016 World Series.

He happens to be one out of the only 7 players to have triumphed in the World Title successively with two different teams.

He is reputed as a defender with versatile skills and for his switch-hitting combined with a big walk rate. He played about the majority of his innings as a shortstop and spent half of his playing time from second base. He also occupied different outfield positions.

Ben Zobrist Background Check

Player profile

Zobrist performed above average in terms of hitting. His career slash line reads .264/.354/.429. He had a wRC+ at 118. His contact-oriented and patient approach is the reason behind this. He also has a low swinging rate of the league but paves the way to an 85.3% contact rate and a 12.5% walk rate.

He also displays excellent base running abilities with a 74% success rate of 102 bases stolen.

Zobrist has an impressive range of defensive skills. He has featured at the second base in more than 4,200 defensive innings. Meanwhile, he has also played shortstop for 1,700 innings, 2,200 innings at right field, and more than 500 innings at other positions in the outfield.

According to the UZR ratings, Zobrist is a highly above-average defender in the right and second positions while he falls slightly below average when it comes to the shortstop position.
He got the nickname "Zorilla," from the manager Joe Maddon during his playing days with the Rays. He picked the same nickname during the Players Weekend event of the 2017 season.
Personal life

Zobrist is a resident of Franklin in Tennessee. He lives with his wife Julianna Zobrist who is also a singer and their three kids. One of the children was born 5 days post the Royals’ victory in the World Series of 2015 where Zobrist played a major role.

Blaise Royal was born one day after the parade of World Series by the Royals. In May 2019, both Zobrist and his wife filed for divorce at different locations.

Ben Zobrist Public Records

Baseball career

Zobrist featured for Wisconsin Woodchucks from the Northwoods League of Summer Collegiate during the 2003 season. He won the MVP award and took the team to a Championship Success.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Zobrist got picked by the Houston Astros to play shortstop during the 6th round draft of MLB in 2004. He was sold to the Tampa Bay as a part of a player exchange plus cash deal.

He played his first game for the Tampa Bay Rays on August 1st, 2006. He was confined to the shortstop position during an initial couple of seasons with the Rays. Zobrist went through a struggling phase in the initial 2 seasons. Later, he came up to a swing coach who helped improve his technique significantly.

Zobrist occasionally delivers speeches at church regarding his successes which he believed was a blessing of God. He speaks about the Christian faith and that God guided him to realize that his purpose was to take up baseball. He acted in the movie, ‘Ring The Bell’ released in 2013.

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