Bobby Portis Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Bobby Portis Background Check, Bobby Portis Public Records

Bobby Portis Celebrity Life

Bobby Portis is a basketball professional from America. He was born on February 10th, 1995 and currently features for the New York Knicks from the NBA. In his college days, he played for the Arkansas Razorbacks. He is 6 ft 10 in tall and weighs 113 kg. Later, he was picked as the 22nd pick under the Chicago Bulls during the NBA drafts of 2015.


Professional career

Chicago Bulls (2015–2019)

2015–16 season

Portis signed his rookie contract in July 2015 and made his debut in November. He netted 10 points in this match but the Bulls were defeated by the Charlotte Hornets. Bulls team faced fatigue after losing overtime versus the Detroit Pistons in December 2015. Portis made the most of the opportunity presented to him and played an impressive night with 20 points along with 11 rebounds.

Bobby Portis Background Check
2016–17 season

Bulls extended his contract till the end of the 2017–18 season. In January 2017, Portis received an assignment to their affiliate team in the D-League, the Windy City Bulls. However, he was called back the following day. He made a season-best of 19 points during a victory versus the Boston Celtics in February 2017.

He registered a season-best of 13 rebounds and netted 17 points during a victory against the Golden State Warriors in March the same year. He set a new career-best of 22 points during a victory against the Utah Jazz.

2017–18 season

Portis was involved in a physical exchange during practice in October 2017. As a result, Portis punched Mirotić and the latter suffered multiple fractures on the face and a concussion. After a day, he received disciplinary orders of suspension for 8 matches.

During the season debut in November, he netted 21 points along with 13 rebounds during their loss at the hands of the Toronto Raptors.


In December, he set a new career-best of 23 points during a victory versus the Boston Celtics. After just four days, he improved his career-best to 27 points along with 12 rebounds during a victory against the Milwaukee Bucks.

In February, he made a new career-best of 38 points during a defeat at the hands of the 76ers. He netted 15 points as well as a season-best of 15 rebounds during a defeat against the Cleveland Cavaliers in March 2018.

2018–19 season

During the opening match of the 2018-19 season for the Bulls in October 2018, Portis netted 20 points to go with 11 rebounds during a defeat against the Philadelphia 76ers. He sprained his right knee in October and was sidelined for a period of up to 6 weeks.

Bobby Portis Public Records  

He sat out for almost 7 weeks and came back to the team in December. He scored 9 points during his comeback and defeat versus the Sacramento Kings. After sustaining another sprain to the right ankle during a match versus the Brooklyn Nets in December, he was sidelined yet again for a maximum of 4 weeks.

He came back to action on January 6th and featured versus the Brooklyn Nets after a gap of 7 matches. On January 30th, he netted 22 out of his 26 points during the 2nd half of their victory versus the Miami Heat.

Washington Wizards (2019)

Portis was sold to the Washington Wizards in February 2019 along with Jabari Parker as a part of a player exchange deal. He played his first match for the Washington Wizards two days after joining them. In this game, he scored 30 points after coming on as a substitute in a victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

New York Knicks (2019–present)

On July 9th, 2019, Portis joined the New York Knicks.

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