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 Bobo Newsom Celebrity Life

Born on 11th August 1907, Louis Bobo Newsom was an American baseball player who played in the position of a starting pitcher. Also referred to as Buck, Newsom played in MLB or Major League baseball. Newsom has had the distinction of playing for 9 out of the sixteen big-league teams that existed then from 1929 - 1953 in 20 seasons and had six hundred games pitched. Newsom threw, as well as, batted right-handed. He weighed around 91 kg and had a height of 6 feet and 3 inches.


Life and baseball career

Newsom was born in South Carolina's Hartsville and had the reputation of having an emotional and eccentric personality. While his pitching was valiant, his team was defeated in 1940 World Series' Game Seven with the Detroit Tigers. It was just 2 days after he pitched a shutout paying a tribute to his dad who passed away while coming to South Carolina to watch his son clinch the opener.

Bobo Newsom Background Check

In 1941, Newsom's performance was a big disappointment because he could win just 12 games and lost 20 games. Jack Zeller, the general manager of the Tigers tried to negotiate a contract with Newsom after his dismissal performance and wanted to cut down the player's salary. He traded the player to the Washington Senators.

While Newsom did not pitch well in Game Three and allowed only 5 runs in less than 2 innings, he bagged a Series ring when he was a member of the New York Yankees in the year 1947. His baseball career spanned for 20 seasons and had an ERA of 3.98 and 2082 strikeouts. His name also featured in the team of American League All-Star from 1938 to 1940 In 1944m he had 211 wins that made Newsom one of the one hundred all-time winningest pitchers. On the other hand, his 222 losses make the player just 1 of the 2 pitchers in the major league to win two hundred games while managing to have a sub-five hundred career winning percentage.


While Al Benton was the sole pitcher in the major league to have played against Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth, Newsom was the other baseball pitcher whose career covered both these hitters. In 1934, the player faced Ruth but was not in the majors in the first year of Mantle's. Newsom did not face the Yankees in 1952 and just faced them in 1953 when Mantle was out of action because of an injury.

The player passed away in Ontario, Florida when he was 55-year-old after suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. He has been buried at Magnolia Cemetery, located in Hartsville, his hometown. The town also has a street named after him.

Bobo Newsom Public Records
There are very few baseball players in Major League who were traded as frequently as Bobo Newsom. The player got the nickname Bobo because he could not remember anybody else's name and called all persons Bobo. Barel chested, this right-handed and colorful player was full of confidence and was a talkative person.

Several of the player's losses were the outcome of pitching for teams such as the Washington Senators, St. Louis Browns, and Philadelphia Athletics who had poor performances. He had 5 distinct stints with the Washington Senators. The player even boasted once that he enjoyed more terms in Washington in contrast to the then American President Roosevelt. Newsom was a well-traveled person and won 146 games while losing in 112 in the minor leagues.

Despite his bragging nature, Newsom was always more than willing to help people. He was extremely generous to the rookies and took them out for dinner occasionally. However, he had a shrewd negotiation skill and could gain immediate release to bargain with another team.

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