Brad Nortman Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Brad Nortman Background Check, Brad Nortman Public Records

Brad Nortman Celebrity Life

Brad Nortman was born in Brookfield, Wisconsin, on the 12th of September 1989. He had finished schooling at Brookfield Central High School. ranked his punting skills in the fourth position while placed him at eight. For the recruiting class of 2008, placed him at fourth when it came to the state of Wisconsin player.

Nortman has the honor of being punter for the all-state first-team. All-Greater Metro Conference had named the linebacker for the first-team. They also named him co-defensive back for that year.


College Career

From 2008 to 2011, Nortman studied at the University of Wisconsin. At the end of the 2008 season, he had performed 66 punts and covered 2,781 yards. That gave him an average of 41.8.

The following season he had 49 punts to his name and covered 2,056. The average he had for this season was 42.0.

After this season, All-Big Ten (coaches), Academic All-Big Ten, All-District All-Big Ten ESPN the Magazine Academic gave him an honorable mention.

Brad Nortman Background Check
During the 2010 season, Nortman performed 38 punts while covering 1,623 yards. The average for that season was 42.7.

This time the Academic All-Big Ten mentioned him. At the end of the 2011 season, Nortman had 46 punts to his name and covered1,943 yards.

This gave him an average of 42.2. Academic All-Big Ten and the All-Big Ten gave him an honorable mention. Nortman also got the opportunity to play in the Senior Bowl of 2012.

Nortman had an average of 42.1 yards per punt. That was the third-highest in the State of Wisconsin for a punter. In his school, he held the fourth rank with 8.383 punting yards.

As far as his college career was concerned, he was in fifth place with 199 career punts.

Professional Career

The Carolina Panthers drafted him in the sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. His overall pick position was 207th. When he finished playing his rookie season, he had 76 punts to his name, and he covered 3,267 yards.

His average for this was 43.0. During the 2013 season, Nortman broke the previous franchise record net yards per punt and gross punting average.


As a result of this, the NFC decided to name him the December 2013’s NFC Special Teams Player. He averaged 52.6 yards per punt, which were the first position for gross yards per punt in the NFL.

His 51.9 yards per punt was the first position for the air yards per punt in open field punt in the NFL. The hang time per punt was 4.6 seconds, which was the third-highest for the NFL.

In this season, the Carolina Panthers record for average distance per punt was set by Nortman. After the 2013 season, he could claim 70 punts to his name, and the distance covered was 3,344 yards.

For the 2014 season, he performed 72 punts and covered 3,236 yards. His average for this season was 44.9.

Brad Nortman Public Records
Nortman had performed 70 punts in the 2015 season while covering 3,175 yards. He averaged 45.5 for this season. The Panthers played in the Super Bowl 50, and Nortman was a part of their team.

The Denver Broncos defeated them 24-10. Nortman created a minimum of seven of the franchise records in the Panthers.

Nortman joined the Jacksonville Jaguars and signed a four-year contract worth 8.8 million dollars. The contract was signed on the 9th of March 2016. He kicked a 78-yard punt during week 4.

The event happened in the Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts game. Johnny Hekker was the only other person to perform that record in the 2016 season. This meant Nortman shared that spot for 2016.

After the 2016 season, Nortman had 77 punts to his name and covered 3,589 yards. His average for that season was 46.6. After the 2017 season, he performed 87 punts and covered 3,835 yards. The average for that season was 44.1.

The Jaguars drafted Logan Cooke as a punter. Cooke was drafted in the 2018 NFL draft during the seventh round. Once the had drafted him, they released Nortman from his contract on the 30th of April 2018.

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