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by Charry A.

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Brandon Boykin Celebrity Life

Born on the 13th of July, 1990, Brandon Boykin is an American Football player. He plays as a cornerback and is a free agent now.

Boykin used to play football in his college and was later recruited by Philadelphia Eagles during the 4th round of 2012’s National Football League Draft. During his career, he also played for Pittsburgh Steelers.


Boykin went for high school at Fayette County, Georgia, and was a prominent player in the football team. In his senior year, Boykin, along with Matt Daniels, an NFL Player, led the team for its first season as undefeated.

But they lost during the 2nd round of GHSA. Boykin was also a basketball player in which he averaged 5 assists and 18 points per game. He also helped the basketball team to State Championship.

Brandon Boykin
From 2008-11, Boykin went to the University of Georgia. He completed his college football career with 9 interceptions, 1 sack, and 159 tackles.

During his senior year, Boykin tackled Keshwan Martin and returned 92 yards and one touchdown during an overtime loss against Michigan's Spartans.

He was named 2012 Outback Bowl’s Most Valuable Player. He was also awarded the Paul Hornung Award.

During the NFL Draft of 2012, analysts projected Boykin to be one of the top cornerback prospects. The Philadelphia Eagles recruited him during the 4th round of 2012’s NFL Draft.

On the 11th of May, 2012, Boykin signed a 4-year agreement with Eagles. By the end of his rookie season, Boykin made 31 tackles, defended 7 passes, and a forced fumble.

Boykin made little action in defense, but he made 1,037 return yards and was placed 2nd in NFC and 7th in National Football League.


Boykin made his 1st interception in a professional career during his first game of 2013’s NFL season and helped Eagles win the game by 33-27. Five weeks into the season, Boykin recorded his second interception and won against the Giants.

During week 10’s game against Green Bay Packers, Boykin made an interception on Scott Toizien’s pass and made 76 yards run back. The following week, Boykin intercepted Robert Griffin, quarterback of Redskins.

In week 16 of NFL season 2013, during the game with Chicago Bears, ran back for 76 yards after intercepting Jay Cutler.

During the 4th quarter of week 17’s showdown match against Dallas Cowboys, Boykin intercepted a pass and kneed post a brief return.

This interception made Eagles rush the ball two times before their first down. Soon they made 2 kneel-downs and won by scoring 24-22.

The 2013 NFL season was a breakout for Boykin in which he made 42 tackles, 6 interceptions, two forced fumbles, and defended 16 passes.

In the following 2014 season, Boykin made 36 tackles, defended 9 passes, one interception, and 5 assists.

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On the 1st of August, 2015, Boykin was transferred to Pittsburgh Steelers. He was exchanged with a conditional fifth-round pick in 2016’s NFL draft.

Later, on the 28th of March, 2016, Boykin got into a 1-year agreement with Carolina Panthers.

Two months later, Boykin, along with two other players were released to make roster space for tryouts of 6 new rookies.

The same year, on the 27th of July, Chicago Bears recruited Boykin. But he suffered an injury during a training camp on the 3rd of August and was placed on an injured list.

A year later, after recovering from the pectoral injury, Boykin signed a contract with Baltimore Ravens.

Soon, due to an injury, Boykin was put as an injured reserve on the 2nd of September, 2017. Boykin now plays as a free agent. Boykin is married to Tess Rary Boykin since 2015.

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