Brandon Fields Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Brandon Fields Celebrity Life

Brandon Fields is an American footballer, who played nine seasons in the National Football League. According to the NFL 1000 rankings, Fields is placed at Rank 37.

A Punter (P Position), Fields played football for Michigan State University while he was in college.

He subsequently also played for New Orleans Saints in 2015, after playing for Miami Dolphins from 2007 to 2014. Aged 35 years old, he was born on 21st May 1984. The 6 feet tall footballer has had a score of 604 punts, with an average of 46.7 yards.
Early Life

Fields were born in Southfield, Michigan, to Dr. David and Connie Fields. He went to school in Toledo, Ohio. Fields’ father was a basketball player at Northwestern University. As Fields grew up, he was a huge fan of the Portland Trail Blazers.

During his schooling, he played for the High School football team, after which he was also given the opportunity to deal with kickoff duty for the school’s (St John Titans) football team.

He also played basketball during his sports career in school.

Brandon Fields Background Check
Once he began attending college at Michigan State University, he played for the Michigan State Spartans team from 2003-2006. This also led to him earning multiple honors in 2003.

He also set a record with a 62-yard punt in a game against Nebraska. The most engaging season in his college sports career happened during his sophomore year in 2004.

He was a finalist for the Ray Guy Award which is given to the nation’s top punter every year.

Fields wrapped up his collegiate football career as a senior, with a 45-yard punting average. He also set a record of a 62-yard punt in Nebraska.
Career and Awards

Fields’ professional career kick-started in 2007 when he was drafted by the Miami Dolphins. He was the first punter that was drafted by them since Brent Bartholomew.

He got to handle Dolphins’ duties for all the games in the rookie season, while he made his first Pro Bowl in 2013 Scoring a total of 77 punts, the average distance of each punt was 43.2 yards.

His gross average achieved a rank of seven in the AFC. In October 2015, Fields signed with the New Orleans Saints in order to replace the injured former punter, Thomas Morstead.

Fields has won multiple awards by multiple organizations and conferences, including the Big Ten, and sports magazines like Sporting News.

Fields also was an Academic All-Big selection each year during his time in Michigan State. He earned the Consensus All American Honors in the year 2004. 

Brandon Fields Background Check
While he played at the Pro Bowl in 2013, Fields was also awarded the Nat Moore Community Service Award in 2011 and 2012.

The total number of punting yards bagged by Fields is 28,192 yards and his longest punt spanned across a distance of 74 yards.

Fields also had the honor of leading the Big Ten Conference, and was also second in the entire country, as he had a 46.4-yard average.

During his most productive college season, Fields won multiple honors including the All-Big Ten and All American Selections.

On December 13, 2010, the Eddleman-Fields Punter of the Year Award was formulated, in order to honor both Fields and Thomas Eddleman (a punter from 1946 to 1948). He finally announced his retirement from the NFL in September 2017.

Personal Life

Fields got married to his wife Katie in 2008and has a daughter (Skyler Kate Fields). She is a chiropractor who studied in Port Orange, Florida.

In 2006, Fields himself earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Miami Business School.

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