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Brandon Knight Background Check, Brandon Knight Public Records

Brandon Knight Celebrity Life

Born on the 2nd of December, 1991, Brandon Knight started playing basketball from a young age, making his presence known as a student-athlete representing Pine Crest. Knight was born in Miami, Florida, and even at that young age, showed great promise in the game of basketball, holding a 4.3 GPA, while playing for Pine Crest.

Presently, Knight plays as a professional American basketball player, representing the Cleveland Cavaliers, in the NBA, also known as the National Basketball Association. In this article, you will find information relating to the background and history of this young NBA star, who had been the Gatorade National Player for the Year twice.


Career during high-school

As has been mentioned above, Knight started playing basketball for Pine Crest, holding a GPA of 4.3. In the years 2008-09, Knight started playing as a junior, amassing a GPA of 31.2 points, with a 5.6 rating in assists, 8.2 in rebounds, and a helpful 3.2 as far as steals were concerned. In both these years,

he was successful in winning the Gatorade Player for the Year award, while also going on to win the Gatorade High School Athlete for the Year award in the year 2010. While representing Pine Crest, he held an impressive record, leading the team to win state championships in the year 2008 and 2009, while also helping their team reach four state title games. Knight’s accolades do not end here.

Brandon Knight Background Check
He was further named 3A-1A Basketball player for the Year four times, by the Miami Herald, while also earning the title of Florida Mr. Basketball, twice. His score ranks second in the list of all-time scorers in the Florida basketball-scoring list for high school, with 3,515 points to his name.

During his senior year, Knight had participated in the Jordan Brand Classic, 2010 McDonald’s All American Game, and the, Nike Hoop Summit contributing a crucial 3 points, right at the buzzer during the McDonald’s All American Game, allowing the West to win the game 107-104.

Having garnered a commendable reputation at a very young age, the University of Kentucky was in talks with Knight, to make him play for them by April of 2010. Although Brandon had made his interest known regarding wanting to play for Kentucky, he chose to keep his options open by not agreeing to sign any kind of binding contract.

 Career during college

During his playing years in college, Knight had a GPA of 17.3, with a rebound point of 4 and an assist point of 4.2 in 38 games that he played. He represented the Kentucky Wildcats, during his college career, and set records in the team during his freshman year itself, scoring an astounding 657 points in his debut season, along with records for most 20points scored during the season, as well as the most number of 3-points scored, which amassed to 87.

He was also a chief contributor in the SEC plays, earning himself the honors of First-Team All-SEC, given by the coaches, SEC All-Freshman Team and the Second-Team All-Sec given by the media.

Having scored brilliantly against West Virginia and North Carolina, Brandon Knight also received the award of the Most Outstanding Player in All-Tournament East Region, while playing the 2011 NCAA Tournament. It was in this very year that he became eligible for the NBA draft.

Brandon Knight
A career as a professional

Detroit Pistons (2011-13)-

Brandon Knight was the eighth overall pick during the NBA draft of 2011, and Detroit Pistons took him under their wing, allowing him to shine in 2012, winning the All-Rookie First Team honors of the NBA. Previously only Grant Hill had earned this honor as a rookie.

His 847 points scored as a rookie were also the second-highest in the Piston’s team, since the year 1985-86. Knight played for 141 games representing the Pistons, with starts in 135 games, with an overall average of 13.1 points, 3.9 in assists and 3.2 in rebounds, along with a 37.3 shooting percentage while shooting from outside the arc.

Milwaukee Bucks (2013-15) -

Knight got traded to the Milwaukee Bucks on the 31st of July, 2013. He had a rocky first season at the team with a hamstring injury on the opening game of the season, barring him to play almost eight matches in the following ten.

He returned to playing, on December 31st with a record score of 37, helping the Bucks win over the LA Lakers. While playing for the Bucks, Knight enjoyed one of the most productive seasons in his entire career of playing as a pro, becoming the second player in the entire history of NBA to lead the team in scores with 1,291 points during his debut season in a team.

Highlights during the 2014-15 seasons were entering the All-Star Breaks as the leading member from the Milwaukee Bucks in scores and assists, with an average of 17.8 in 52 games.
Phoenix Suns (2015-18)

Knight joined the Suns on 19th February 2015 but missed playing time owing to an ankle injury, followed by an injury to the left heel bone, requiring surgery. His official journey with Phoenix Suns began when he signed a contract of $70million on 17th July 2015. His great form continued at the Suns as he continued breaking his own records in scoring and assists.

Knight turned out to be only the fourth player since steals became a counted statistic since the 1973–74 seasons to have recorded a triple-twofold with a line, while also being only the second player since Magic Johnson to have achieved the same at an age of 23 years or less.

However, his days at the Suns were rigged with injuries as a left abductor strain, followed by an injury to his left knee that resulted in a torn ACL, saw him miss considerable matches during the upcoming seasons.

Brandon Knight Public Records

Houston Rockets (2018-19)

Looking to initiate a rebound and resume playing at the highest level, Knight got traded to the Houston Rockets on 31st August 2018. However, his plans of resuming basketball were cut short once again owing to an infection that took place post-surgery of his left knee.

He was assigned to the G league team of the NBA, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, for rehabilitation on the 30
th of November. However, on December 1st, he got called back by the Rockets, after having played one match for the Vipers, making his debut for the team on the 13th of December.

Cleveland Cavaliers (2019-present) –
Making his debut on 9th February 2019, Brandon Knight is currently playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, after being traded on the 7th of February of the same year.

Career Stats

Having played 421 games throughout his career, while having started in 346, Brandon Knight has an career stats of 30.1 minutes per game, a field goal percentage of 0.413, a 3-point field goal percentage of 0.354, a field throw percentage of 0.812, a rebounds per game stat of 3.2, an assists per game stat of 4.0, a steals per game stat of 0.9, a blocks per game stat of 0.2 and a points per game stat of 14.5.

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