Brandon Phillips Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Ethel M.

Brandon Phillips Background Check, Brandon Phillips Public Records

Brandon Phillips Celebrity Life and Background Check

The Early Life of Brandon Phillips

Every sport has seen players with great talents. Some of the players have a long shelf life while others have medium or brief shelf life. Even in baseball that is one of the most popular sports in the USA, a few players have played for more years than others. Brandon Phillips is one such player and he has been playing baseball since his high school years. Let us do a background check of this player and try to get more details about him.

Brandon Phillips was born on 28th June 1981 in Raleigh of the state of North Carolina, USA. He is a second baseman and has played MLB for a number of teams that include Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Angels of Los Angeles, Red Sox of Boston, and Cincinnati Reds. With a height of 6 feet or 1.83 meters and a weight of 211 pounds or 96 kgs. Phillips bats with his right hand and throws with it as well.
It was in 1999 that Phillips got drafted by Expos of Montreal. In 2002, he joined Cleveland Indians. He made his debut in the major league from the same team and during the same year. In fact, he had been shifting between the major and minor-league teams of Cleaveland Indians for several years. Then in 2006, he joined Cincinnati Reds as a result of trading between the Reds and the Indians. 

Phillips developed his game skills so well that he came to be considered one among the best in the second baseman position. When he was with Cincinnati Reds, he garnered four numbers of Gold Glove Rawlings Awards and one Slugger Silver Award and was also chosen thrice for All-Star teams of the National League. His playing skills were so appreciated that his cheat pair and uniform had been displayed in the Baseball Fame Hall.

Brandon Phillips Background Check

James PhillipsPhillips' father, has been running a baseball center in Georgia's Pine Lake. In fact, the whole family is involved with the game. Porsha Phillipssister of Phillips, plays for WNBA's Silver Stars Antonio. P J Phillips, a brother younger to him has been the manager of the Pacific Association of baseball league's Vallejo Admirals team.
The High School Career of Brandon Phillips

Phillips studied in High School Redan in Georgia's Stone Mountain and he played both baseball and basketball there. At Redan, he was considered a star baseball player and hence, the school authorities retired his #7 during December 2003.

Montreal Expos chose him for the second round for the 1999-draft and Phillips signed with the team on 21st June 1999.

The professional career of Brandon Phillips.


Cleveland Indians
2004 and 2005 were also glorious years for Phillips. He played for four seasons for the Indians and in the 135 league games, his scores were 38 RBIs, six numbers of home runs and batting of 206.

Phillips' Stint with Cincinnati Reds

Phillips joined Cincinnati Reds in 2006 and remained with them till 2016. He showed his mettle every year by averaging high scores. In November 2010, he got the Gold Glove for the second time. In November 2011, he won the Gold Glove for the third time.

Brandon Phillips Public Records
Atlanta Braves and Angels of Los Angeles

During February 2017, Phillips joined the Atlanta Braves, thanks to another trade between teams. Yet another trade resulted in his joining the Angels of Los Angeles in August 2017.

Red Sox of Boston

Though Phillips entered into a contract with Red Sox of Boston during June 2018, his name was added to their active roster only in September.

Vallejo Admirals

During June 2019, Phillips entered into a deal with Pacific Association's Vallejo Admirals, that P.J. Phillips, his younger sibling, is managing.

Phillips' Career in the Mexican League

During July 2019, Phillips moved to a Mexican League team. The number of matches he played in the 2019-season for the Mexican team is 36. He has been making decent contributions to the team's performance.

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