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by Rannie A.

Brett Kelly Background Check, Brett Kelly Public Records

Brett Kelly Celebrity Life

The "Bad Santa" Story

Brett Kelly is the wonder boy from the film Bad Santa, which was released in 2003. Brett Kelly played the character of Thurman Merman, a child facing constant bullying, and made a big arrival into the world of films.

His role received various critical acclaims from across the film fraternity and has helped him carve out a niche for himself as an actor from the first movie itself. He was also asked to reprise the same role 13 years later in the sequel of the same movie franchise owing to his huge popularity with the character.


Movie Career

Brett Kelly following his role in Bad Santa, garnering all the critical fame and glory went on to act in various other movies which further added to his film career. These include some nominated roles down the line.

But an interesting fact is, as many believe it to be, but Bad Santa was not Kelly's first movie. Here is a list of TV Series and films with the year of the release below to document the performing arts career of Brett Kelly over the years.

Brett Kelly Background Check

TV Series

  • Ladies and the Champ (2001) - playing the role of Ted Slatsky
  • The Office (2001)
  • Dead Like Me (2004) - playing the role of Francis Bischetti
  • Just A Phase (2006) - playing the role of Jackson
  • Masters Of Horror (2007) - playing the role of Young Joe
  • Supernatural (2017) - appearing in one episode named "Lost and Found", whereby he played the co-worker of Clark


  • Kill Me Later (2001)
  • Out Cold (2001) - playing the role of Toby
  • Cheats (2001) - playing the role of Sammy
  • Sandlot 2 (2005) - playing the role of Mac McKing
  • Like Mike 2: Streetball (2006) - playing the role of Rodney
  • Birthdays and The Other Traumas (2006) - playing the role of Oscar Pitt
  • Unaccompanied Minors (2006) - playing the role of Timothy 'Beef' Wellington
  • Trick 'r Treat (2007) - playing the role of Charlie
  • Slapshot 3: The Junior League (2008) - playing the role of Dickie Dunn III
  • What Goes Up (2009) - playing the role of Blastoff Chorus
  • High School (2010) - playing the role of Martin Gordon
  • Bad Santa 2 (2016) - playing the role of Thurman Merman

Brett Kelly Public Records

Early Life and Family

Brett Kelly is of Canadian origin, born in Vancouver in British Columbia, the most western province in Canada. His date of birth is 30th October 1993, making him one of the youngest actors in the industry who has received such high acclaim at such an early stage.

His induction into the world of acting is referred to him at an interview with a children magazine as a matter of fluke.

He refers to his first commercial was a case of coincidence as he accompanied his sister for a Huggies commercial because his mom would not leave him home alone. While at the audition, the coordinator asked his mother to consider him for audition too and he got the ad. That would be the start of his career in performing arts.

He was still in high school when Bad Santa had released and he was acknowledged as the "Kid from Bad Santa" by all his school mates.

Compared to various other actors who made it well early on in their careers and going on to ruin it due to substance abuse and drug addiction, Kelly has maintained a very clean record and is growing steadily in his career as a performer and also as a human being.

In the interview, Kelly adds that he is not much bothered by the kind of movies he gets or whether they are good or bad roles, as long as he keeps getting work he will continue to do it and when the work stops, he refers to a career in law or something.

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