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Brett Kern Celebrity Life

Brett Alan Kern is the full name of Brett Kern, and he was born in Grand Island, New York, on the 17th of February 1986. He did his schooling at Grand Island High School and graduated in 2004.

At school, he played football. Kern was a member of the New York State team that participated in the New York-New Jersey Governor's Bowl. The venue of this bowl was the United States Military Academy.


College Career

Kern joined the University of Toledo. The head coach of their college football team was Tom Amstutz. Kern played with the Toledo Rockets football team for four years.

In his freshman year, he had performed 44 punts covering 1,788 yards. That year he maintained an average of 40.6.

During his sophomore year, Kern had performed 33 punts and covered 1,305 yards. His average for that year was 39.5. He improved his performance during his junior year.

The number of punts he performed increased to 60 and the distance covered increased to2,502 yards. His average for that year was 41.7.

Kern performed well during his senior year. The number of punts reduced to 52, and the distance covered to 2,399. However, his average that year had increased to 46.1.

Brett Kern

Professional Career

Kern did not get drafted during the 2008 NFL draft. So he became a free agent. Denver Broncos gave him the position of the punter.

He had to compete with Sam Paulescu for the starter Punter position in the Denver Broncos. Kern won the position. During 2008 (his rookie) season he performed 46 punts and covered 2,150 yards. His average for that season was 46.7.

During the 2009 season, Kern was initially with the Broncos. While playing for the Broncos, he performed 27 punts covering 1,245 yards. He maintained an average of 46.1.

His yards per punt average was the third-highest in the NFL. But that was not enough for the Broncos, and they released him.

Once Kern was released by the Broncos, the Tennessee Titans gobbled him up. When playing for the Titans, he performed 37 punts covering 1,665 yards. His average for that period was 45.5.


In the 2010 season, Kern performed 77 punts covering 3,302 yards. But unfortunately, his average reduced to 42.9.

He got his season-high score of eight punts against the Kansas City Chiefs. The distance covered was 352 yards, and the average for that game was 44.0.

Titans signed a four-year contract with Kern worth 5.2 million dollars. The contract was signed on the 24th of February 2011. The contract was an extension, and it had guaranteed 2.1 million dollars for Kern.

In the 2011 season, he had performed 86 punts covering 3,747 yards, however, his average increased slightly to 43.57.

Kern got his season-high of eight punts against the Indianapolis Colts. The distance for that game was 330 yards, and the average was 41.25.

Kern performed only 81 punts during the 2012 season, but the distance covered increased to 3,855, and his average also increased 47.59.

Against the New York Jets, he scored 10 punts, which were his season-high. The distance covered for those punts was 391, and the average for the game was 39.1.

For the 2013 season, Kern performed 78 punts covering 3,386 yards. The average for that season was 43.41. He did get a season-high average of 50.25 against the Broncos. In that game, he performed only four punts and covered 201 yards.

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Kern scored 88 punts and covered 4,118 yards during the 2014 season. His average for that season was 46.80.

This time his season-high average was against the Indianapolis Colts. He scored seven punts and covered 383 yards, but his average for that game was 54.71.

In the 2015 season, Kern scored 88 punts covered 4,175 yards. His average for that season was 47.44. Incidentally, this was also his season-high average.

He scored the average against the Houston Texans. The number of punts, he performed that game was nine and the distance covered was 427.

Kern had performed 77 punts in the 2016 season and covered 3,402 yards. The average he got for that season was 44.18. This average lower than his season-high average of 44.71.

For this average, he scored seven punts. But the distance he covered was a season-high (313 yards).

In the 2017 season, Kern performed 75 punts and covered 3,728 yards. His average for that season was 49.7. This was career-high for an entire season.

Thanks to this effort, he got his first Pro Bowl call. During the postseason, he performed 10 punts and covered 447 yards. His average was 44.7.

Kern performed 74 punts during the 2018 season and covered 3,483 yards. The average for that season was 47.1. For the 2019 season, Kern performed 78 punts and covered 3,672 yards.

As a result, his average for that season was 47.1. He also got his second call for the Pro Bowl. During this time, he performed 15 punts and covered 729 yards. His average for this postseason was 48.6.

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