Brooklyn Decker Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Brooklyn Decker Background Check, Brooklyn Decker Public Records

Brooklyn Decker Celebrity Life

Modeling is a career that attracts the attention of other media like TV, print, and movies. A considerable portion of models, especially female models, go on to make it big on TV and movies.

If a model starts to garner accolades and awards in the modeling world, she is assured of a calling from Hollywood or other mainstream entertainment industries. Monica Belluci, Halley Berry, Jennifer Connelly, Cameron Diaz, and Kim Basinger, Lily Cole, Lauren Bacall are some of the names that made it big in Hollywood.
Their movie careers have inspired several models to take up the challenge of acting. Some of them have turned full-time actresses and others have returned to the routine of modeling.

Brooklyn Decker is one of the models that have made it big in Hollywood. Her appearances in top modeling shows and covers of famous magazines catapulted her to the actress she is today.

Brooklyn Decker Background Check

The Birth of a Beautiful Talent

Brooklyn Danielle Decker was born on April 12, 1987, in Kettering, Ohio. Her mother was a nurse and father was a pacemaker salesman. She has a younger brother named Jordan.

Modeling happened by accident to Decker when she was discovered by a modeling agent at the age of 14. The agent spotted her when she was visiting Charlotte shopping mall with her friends and offered her a chance in modeling.

She later won the Model of the Year award at the Connections Model and Talent Convention in the year 2003. This win provided her the much-needed boost to pursue the modeling career.
The Splendid Career

Decker moved to New York City in the year 2005 to further her modeling career. Within two months, just after auditioning for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine, she landed a contract and appeared in the 2006 edition.

She was featured in 2007 edition too and hosted behind-the-scenes special for television.

Brooklyn once again made it to the magazine in 2008 and in 2010, she was on the cover page of the magazine.

Apart from modeling, she also appeared along with Paul Zimmerman on the CNN website to discuss NFL football games.

She was then signed as the cast of Sports New York as a panelist to discuss the 2010 NCAA basketball tournament.
The appearances for sports-related shows won her guest role in the TV show Chuck. She then guest-starred in the TV series Royal Pains.

She got the news of her selection for the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine when she appeared on the David Letterman Show, Late Night with David Letterman.

Brooklyn Decker Public Records  

She was the judge of the 5th edition of Germany’s Next Topmodel in the year 2010.

Her major role in a movie came when she was cast in the feature film Battleship. She was then cast in the 2012 popular comedy show What to Expect When You are Expecting.

She played wife to Dennis Quaid’s character in the show. Since 2015, she has been appearing in Netflix series Grace and Frankie.

Decker’s other movies are Devil Wears Prada, Solitary Man, Just Go with It, Stretch, Love Song, Band-Aid and Support the Girls.

She has graced the cover of famous magazines like GQ, Glamour, FHM, Vogue, and Esquire. She has also walked the ramp for Victoria’s Secret’s 2010 swimsuit collection.

The Men’s Health had named her in the list of 100 Hottest Women of All-Time.

It’s All Personal

Unlike other celebrities, Decker doesn’t have an illustrious dating profile. She started dating Tennis star Andy Roddick in 2007 and just a year of courtship was enough for the couple to get engaged.

They both tied the knots in the year 2009. They gave birth to a son in September 2015 and a daughter in the year 2017.

The couple lives in Roddick’s hometown Austin, Texas.

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